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RSS Manzanillo

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1 point

I disagree with this statement because the Hokule'a required much more than wind currents to traverse the globe. The navigators relied on the stars as a way to find their direction. History shows that the Polynesians found their way to Hawaii by using many navigational tools and not the wind currents - Ethan

1 point

I agree because wind helps people/navigators determine the weather and where they are heading to. - Kevin

1 point

I disagree with the central statement that wind is the main factor because I believe that it is more of a person's skills and knowledge along with weather, ocean currents, and temperature -John

1 point

I agree because without wind currents, the navigators can make decisions based on their observations on wind currents and wind currents move ocean currents. - Drake

1 point

I disagree that the wind was the largest contributor of the Hokulea's Voyage. In other words, I think the voyager itself is the biggest contributor. - Ralph

1 point

Without wind, it would have a harder time moving in a timely manner. - Romy

1 point

The people itself can just be using the stars for help, the wind is extra. Nainoa says, " two key decisions - at sunrise and sunset - Sara

1 point

Wind is not the only big contributor factors, there's also sun, star, sea, ocean current - Devin

1 point

Wind is created from global winds which is a big contributor because it helps shift their boat and guide it. Wind current also affect the ocean current because without wind, little no ocean current to move the boat - Kuulei

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