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RSS MarkBlews

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1 point

I know, the atheists and mainline libs can't admit it. But it's plain as day, they hide the word "sex" in all their movies and even show naked boobs to children subliminally because the subconscious mind is very open when you stimulate the reptile brain of sex.

1 point

Man I almost cried when I read that brother. Fuck Kim jong un right in his ass. Donald Trump is a fool ingratiating him instead of putting a red white and blue foot right through his face. If we don't take north korea for what it is and act accordingly that guy and his buddies lost life and limb for nothing.

1 point

Atheists have no basis for their alleged morals

I agree, atheists think morals just popped out of the aetherial planes of oblivion. How could there be morality without God?

1 point

Religions have tried to hijack the qualities of morality, virtue, integrity etc., which form a natural part of the human psyche' and claim that they exist only as a consequence of the teachings of their particular faith.

Where did western morality arise if not from the bible?

1 point

I have no idea why I know that killing someone is wrong, but I know it. I think civilization has something to do with it.

God designed us to have the innate capacity for morality, that is why we are capable of civilization in the first place. Do you not even realize that there is no basis for saying "killing is wrong" without God? If you believe in science then humans are just a compilation of particles and there is no reason not to stick a cucumber in their ass and throw them in a volcano.

0 points

Some of us need a book to tell us how to behave, and some of us don't.

But how can you know how to behave since there is no scientific basis for morality? Morality is entirely subjective in your world view because the whole universe wasn't created by a sentient being who's subjective opinion is universal law.

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