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RSS McHughDebate

Reward Points:27
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2 points

Graffiti as in gang sighs are vandalism, but those large sculpture looking things I see as Art. :O

2 points

I would never listen to rap hell no, but if your talking Old school rap then yeah I would rather listen to that, that stuff actually had meaning. Screamo is a good genre if your deaf.

Well can he breathe underwater? If he can then he'll survive an effect to Global Warming.

Your right, I would be surprised. People now a' days are too stupid to rely on themselves to survive. People freak out when their phone dies or internet service is gone. Yup..I would be surprised.

Al Gore debates expert climatologists (at last) on whether carbon dioxide causes global warming.

Al Gore Debate on Global Warming
3 points

Maybe if you bothered to read other comments, you can actually comment something useful, instead of ranting and making yourself look like an idiot. Maybe leaving the source, if you used one, instead of using your anger toward the government.

I think it would be kinda hard to survive if most of humanity is gone and more than half the world is underwater..

I 100% believe what you say, sucks too because its the best we can do, to please all people. I'm just afraid that by the time everyone is on the same page it will be too late. Until then, if it happens - which I doubt - We are all screwed.

Well watching paint dry is bad idea, its best to take precautions before its too late. Our life/ planet is not a drawing, we can't edit it if you didn't like your day ect.. because soon enough its going to bite us in the ass and we will all be doomed, if we cant come to a solution then at least we have a chance to try..

I never said humans were THE problem. Global Warming is a natural state. Human lifestyle such as factories ect are speeding up the process much faster than how it is supposed to be be. The Global Warming issue to me is a loose-loose situation now. We do nothing and continue our daily lives doing the things we do normally, we make it worse for the Earth. We do something we put our self's at risk, mainly job wise. Getting rid of cars isn't a solution, there's too many of them :0 - The first step we humans need to get done is to address the issue, once we get that then we may think of solutions - but until then we mind as well watch paint dry..

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Winning Position: Free College Education
Winning Position: Who cares!? Hes the Metal God!
Winning Position: There should be action taken.

About Me

Biographical Information
Name: Kyle McHugh
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Religion: Catholic
Education: High School

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