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RSS McSwagger

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1 point

Illegal immigrants are leaving their own country and not using the provided and proper services, therefore, they need to up the security, not America.

-1 points

If a country1 is dumping illegal people into country2 it is country2's responsibility to put that wall up and secure their border. Not country 1.

1 point

Yes, obviously they should pay for the wall. They know they are bringing criminals over to America. America is not Mexico's dumping ground for illegal citizens. Some sites say less than 10% of illegal Mexican commit a crime which you can choose to believe. How the fuck are these people able to make these statistics of illegal immigrants, when there is somewhat no record of them actually coming into the country.


McSwagger(70) Clarified
1 point

Ive already explained what you just said... go read one of my replies it's there somewhere....

1 point

Please try and find something not on wikipedia i never trust that crap.

1 point

Exactly, not allowing abortion would deteriorate those rules being broken. Would it not?

1 point

Yes the bible has some hypocrisy and I can say that as a Christian. I believe that when following any religion you are still able to believe and do whatever you like. I am 100% Christian. Have been brought up Christian all my life but I don't believe that God created the world.

1 point

Yes, extremely possible. There's been a couple instances where I've changed peoples views on Trump in an in real life argument.

Hmm, so yes.

1 point

Total different situation, you can't make a comparison like that.

1 point

I understand that they don't get charged for much but does that make it right? Just because a minor doesn't get charged often that doesn't make it okay to break that law?

If they were to abide by the law they wouldn't have that problem to deal with.

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