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1 point

Them lesbos be more angry with 'toxic masculinity' than the stoning of their kind.

1 point

If you include atheism in the measurement, Witchcraft is second place. I was talking about the world though, not USA.

1 point

The Jews were dominant, he was reversing that.

1 point

In a world where few or none have superpowers, the power to control people (I don't care about actually reading their mind, I'd rather control it).

In a world where many or all possess superpowers the power to turn off superpowers in people at will is the best superpower.

0 points

Earth is flat because the ground is flat.

1 point

I didn't use the word radical.

1 point

This claim is as foolish as saying all are.

Are you really certain that no white, cis and/or males are racist, transphobic and/or misogynistic?

1 point

Even if you are stating that atheism is untrue, it is as rapid in expansion as Islam, if not more so, at present.

1 point

If Hitler was really a Darwinist, why would he kill off what he viewed as the alpha race? :)

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"Me that one with the witty remarks; Me have the harsh bite on top of the barks."

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Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States

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