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RSS Merlyn0

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Merlyn0(48) Clarified
1 point

I try not to judge people who get abortions, but it is my personal belief that it is wrong. I just think there is a very strong difference between preventing the sperm and egg form meeting and removing the fetus from the uterus.

Merlyn0(48) Clarified
1 point

There are thousands of 'possible lives' guys have thousands of sperm, and of course not everyone of those is going to become a baby. But when people have abortions, the egg and sperm have already combined. Something has already been created and therefore I feel that its different.

1 point

Prevention is necessary so that people don't have to get abortions

Merlyn0(48) Clarified
2 points

In my opinion that verse was for the people way back when the Earth wan't full to the brim of people. These days there are so many people that prevention is necessary.

1 point


I live in a latin american country and soccer is so intense, plus it's not as confusing as american football.

2 points

They've served their time and hopefully learned their lessons for any unwise decisions, since they've done this they should have their right to vote restored.

0 points

Definitely not, it is just a ton of sugar with none of the added benefits that coffee or other drinks would give you, like caffeine. Also its too hot to drink any time but the winter.

2 points

While I think corporal punishment is okay, I believe that it is the parents job and not the schools. Also I think it can be taken to far, like the examples you give above like tasering and such, and parents should be careful to only use corporal punishment for major offenses.

1 point

I would say no because of irreversible complexity. A couple of weeks ago in my science class we dissected a pig's heart. While we were doing that the teacher explained all the little parts that made the heart work properly. If the pig had been born without one of those little parts then the heart would jot have worked and the pug would have died, this means that all of these parts had to evolve at the exact same time in the right way or else the organism with first heart would have died and not passed on those genes

1 point

I would say most christians do, at least try too, and it really sad when the smaller groups that don't give a bad name to everyone. That being said however, nobody is perfect and every Christian struggles with following Christ's teaching at some point in their lives

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