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RSS MicJpon

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1 point

So, we all know how kids are, especially little preteen girls, they are so susceptible to, the power of beauty! Most see the missing father figure, when they see a really handsome young teen, taking care of them, they seem to let go, and forgive the innocent touching and tickling games, etc, which turns into the, don't tell on me, and I want to leave you, mentality. Boys at that age, are easy to manipulate. Manipulation by a six-year-old little girl, may cloud the better judgment of the teenager, and lead to inappropriate contact. So, what I'm trying to say is, don't put your little princess into the hands of the unknown. But, I must also say that there are a lot of teenage girls out there that may fall into the same category. The concept of babysitting, is truly scary. You will never know what goes on in your house, with your child, so roll the dice and hope for the best outcome. :)

1 point

No! I don’t know where all of this crap about kids, not knowing how to conduct themselves after hours, comes from. Just because it's late at night, doesn’t always mean that they are up to no-good.

1 point

Yes! If they are 7 or older, they are at the age to know good from bad. Think about it, would you let some 9-year-old “THUG” come up to your little 6-year-old daughter and beat her silly, pull her hair out, stomp on her face and head, and then just walk away? Would you let a 12-year-old boy molest or rape your little 5-year-old sister, and let him ride off on his bicycle? Or, how about a 11-year-old kid bringing a gun to school and shooting up his classmates and teachers? I don’t think so! You would want that little “Menace to Society” locked up for ever, or worse, right!? I would! Just a thought…

1 point

It's good for the body and relaxing. Just be sure to change the sheets every few days.

1 point

When my eight-year-old daughter went through the full body scanner, they made her interlace her fingers behind her head and spread her legs open. (Definitely, kiddy porn.) The scanning process took about two minutes. Now, the old lady before her was only scanned for about five seconds... WTF!? Someone, somewhere, must've been seriously getting off on it. Shame on the TSA.

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About Me

Biographical Information
Name: Mic Jpon
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States

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