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RSS Miralhi-TM

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2 points

Again I say, I am not against dropping bombs. For it to even be along the lines of okay, it would need to be on a military bases. Not on innocent men, women, and children.

2 points

I agree, but they could have bombed military bases, not two Japanese cities.

3 points

Dropping the Nuclear Weapon on these two Japanese countries was wrong. These towns were not military bases, but civilian cities. Thus causing nearly 100,000 deaths on the point of contact, but thousands more than after that because of the radiation. Again I say, these deaths were men,women, and children. While some members of the military were killed, mostly citizens lives were taken.

1 point

I agree, because the people have no clue that there is anything wrong with their culture. If we fire at them they will feed the news to the citizens. There lives in that country that we need to be concerned.

1 point

This is true, but the leaders are not politicians and are not good at conserving their thoughts. The simple word battle could easily snap at any moment and become a battle of nukes.

1 point

We should be concerned about North Korea and their leader because of a few reasons. If the DPRK did launch a missile at the country the US would be quick to respond, causing millions of lives to be lost. Also if we were to rage in a war, there would be absolutely no room for mistakes. For if a mistake would happen, yet again Thousands upon thousands of lives will be lost. Recently North Korea just launched its 6 missile test just this year. Finally neither Donald Trump, or Kin Jong Un are politicians, so they can say something offend the other and start a war. Never the less, millions of North Korean, and American Lives would be lost.

1 point

Yes, along with that if the entire council was anti-something they would claim war. There would be nothing anyone could do without the Veto power.

1 point

Really the only reasons they were given these titles, is because they were the "big" allies in WWII

6 points

With the Veto power, the 5 main countries have to power to stop a plan despite popular vote. One pro to a veto is, if a chair member brings in something that would effect a country greatly, a veto would stop it right away. Veto's keep things from going too low, too fast. If a majority of people always want to change a lot things, then the world would change very often. Thus with the Veto power that The United States, The United Kingdom, Russia, France, and China can make sure that wouldn't be the case.


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