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1 point

Also I guarantee ll those "Muslims" never went nor never will go to Mecca. Also I bet if they ever went to a Muslim country they'd change religions or something because majority of Islamic countries completely contradict liberal beliefs

1 point

What? people in California the most liberal state other than New York are Muslim? Huge shocker.

1 point

Chocolate milk because who besides little kids drinks white milk (minus when you eat cereal)

1 point

I'm kind of prejudiced because my first main series Pokemon game was Pokemon Diamond so naturally I like that generation better. Also Heart Gold is my second favorite pokemon game right behind black 2

1 point

Yes that's what it means. But modern third wave feminism doesn't quite get that message.

1 point

Actually they are legally responsible for their own actions when drunk (with the exception of drunk women having sex) also if we make alcohol illegal do you know what will happen? Another prohibition. During that time crime was at an all time high in the country. Long story short no alcohol equals more crime.

1 point

But you know that's not important at all. the feelings of the Muslims matter more than the actual facts

2 points

It will destroy the western world because Islam is not a peaceful tolerant religion like they want you to believe. All the Muslims in America that say it is never been to the Middle East and refuse to. Another argument is that "only conservative Muslims are like that" only makes my point more because if they are "conservative Muslims" then they want to keep everything the way it is. Like traditions, the laws, etc. Which are all from the Quaran.

1 point

Also your grammar is really bad. It's your sources not you're sources

1 point

Also to put it more blatantly that would be a trans sexual not a trans gender. Because even though you have the other parts now you're still biologically a male or female because you'll still have XY or XX chromosomes

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Winning Position: No
Winning Position: Are these left winged "protests" actually protests or are they riots?
Winning Position: No there is not
Winning Position: No, they shouldn't
Winning Position: No it can't be

About Me

"I'm going to be nice and civil with you as long as you are the same to me."

Biographical Information
Name: Brandon 
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Religion: Agnostic
Education: High School

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