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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

I'm actually ashamed to be the same species as some of these people. The earth is round end of story

1 point

Look out at the horizon when you see a ship go out over the horizon. It just doesn't disappear all at once the bottom "disappears" first then the rest because it's going down (down is a relative term not a definitive one). There is no good evidence for a flat earth and the only evidence either has been debunked or hasn't been backed up by anybody reputable. The earth is round and it's honestly a shame that some people still believe it's flat. i mean come on even the ancient Egyptians and the Greek knew it was round

1 point

I like how liberals and progressives look at Christianity being intolerant and stuff while Islam is so much worse. they need a reformation before any other religion does.

1 point

I think it would work a little bit but I think the main message behind it is "hey we're not going to put up with this anymore." It may stop some of the illegal immigration but most of them come through the air or water ways anyways. I think we need to strengthen the border patrols without building the wall. That would be a lot more effective

1 point

If they;re here legally they should stay no questions asked. If they're here illegally that's another story

1 point

The Star Wars Battlefront games are amazing. I'm surprised people think otherwise. I've recently played through the second games campaign for the hundredth time in my life and i have no regrets. They're fun games especially with family and/or friends.

2 points

I hope to god this is a joke because the barbarians are pretty damn weak

2 points

Do people actually argue this? Why else would anyone even think of this? People who actually think a little mobile game about building a village and making it strong is racist has some problems

2 points

As a huge fan of both I'd have to go with Pokemon with Star Wars close behind

1 point

Trans gender isn't a gender it's a description for lack of better words of how a person affiliates themselves. Yeah you got surgery to change your sex that's cool, you do you. But saying your this new gender is ridiculous

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Winning Position: Are these left winged "protests" actually protests or are they riots?
Winning Position: There are more than 2
Winning Position: No, they shouldn't
Winning Position: No it can't be

About Me

"I'm going to be nice and civil with you as long as you are the same to me."

Biographical Information
Name: Brandon 
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Religion: Agnostic
Education: High School

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