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1 point

A large republic will work. People can't be given all the power because if a certain faction is given too much power they will abuse it because people are tribal and selfish, so they will use it for their own benefits. The executive cannot be connected to the people as yo want because as stated in Brutus 1 page 313 lines 6-11; you want the Executives to declare the sentiments of the people but there is no way one representative can know how hundreds of thousands of people feel sentimentally unless there is a large republic and there's a wide range of representatives to choose from, so anyone who shares your common interests shall be appointed to you, and if your representative shares your interests then there shall be no disputes.

1 point

First of all, The Necessary and Proper Clause is a way of giving Anti-Feds what they want by giving states power but they can't be given too much power because it'll be abused. It's not a loophole but a way to avoid loopholes; because there will be different government branches that will check each other. Yes, it allows the government to determine what's necessary and proper; but only in a certain manner, and if not the federal government, who else should make that decision..States!? No!. In Brutus 1 on page 309 it states that there is no limitation to the necessary and proper clause but according to the enumerated powers there is.

1 point

The Anti-Federalists are trying to accuse Federalists of wanting tyranny and all power to themselves within the government, which is nowhere near the case because The House of Representatives is elected by the people and we stated that all taxes must go through The House (reference to POP); and this is giving power to the people. But just as The Anti-Federalists minds’ work; once a certain faction has too much power they will abuse it. With that being said the people can only be given so much power and so as the government.

1 point

A strong government is to be trusted and is the only way to go! The only way anything is going to be abused is if the central government is not given power and that doesn't mean it's going to tyrannical, which is nothing but an assumption made by Anti-Feds. We know a good reliable government doesn't depend on enlightened statesmen (p.302) and that's why there will be enumerated powers where each institution will have limited powers and puts breaks on each other, and this way power won't be given to only one institution to "abuse" its powers.

3 points

In order to run a powerful and secure government, the constitution must be ratified because for what the Anti-federalists fear, there is a solution! The solution is a large republic, this way there will be more options and elites to choose from to represent the majority and minority factions in their long-term interests.

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