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RSS Mr_Bombastic

Reward Points:95
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10 most recent arguments.

Not true. It is a scientific fact that objects that are heavier than air fall when dropped in a gravity well. There are many more observable facts.

0 points

Whether or not you agree with my methods, you cannot deny that getting rid of blacks would result in a massive reduction in crime. Tell me I'm wrong.

0 points

Bacteria do not evolve. The reason they become resistant is because they have lost the ability to ingest whatever worked on them before. So, it's actually devolution. They have, literally, lost the abilty to do something that they could do before. That is NOT evolution.

0 points

There is no scientific evidence that humans ever had tails. It's nothing but wild speculation. Period.

This happened in Texas. Authorities are a lot more understanding of things like this.

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The universe cannot be explained without a Creator. Everything that happens requires a cause. What caused the universe to appear? It didn't create itself. That violates every bit of observational science in existence. The only explanation is that someone created it.

Depends on where it happens. Like I said. I was disabled, and defending myself the only way I could. That's what the witnesses told the police. No charges filed, and there is no way he could sue me. You cannot physically assault someone, then try to sue when they defend themselves. Also, as I mentioned earlier, I have a legal requirement to prevent anyone from taking my gun from me. How is someone who is 100 percent disabled supposed to do that without shooting the bastard?

Are you talking about the myth that this proves that humans once had tails? For your information the coccyx is essential for our ability to remain upright. Take a look at how many muscles are attached to it, including the stomach muscles. Without it, we could not stand upright. You also wouldn't be able to take a shit without it.

You are free to believe whatever you like. It happened exactly as I described it. Keep in mind that I am disabled. I had no other means to protect myself, and to prevent him from getting my gun, should he subdue me. You do know that gun owners have a legal obligation to make sure that someone does not get a hold of their guns, right? How would you expect me to do that without shooting him?

I wasn't talking about you. I was addressing the topic. First degree, or premeditated is rare, but it requires planning. It also gives the person time to calm down and reconsider. I believe that these are responsible for the decline after executions occur. Most murders are committed during the commission of a crime. Not much you can do about that. But if someone is planning to kill someone else, they have time to think about the consequences. You cannot tell us that the death penalty has not dissuaded many of these people from following through.

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About Me

"Whether you love me, or hate me, I will always tell the truth... as I see it."

Biographical Information
Name: Mr Bombastic
Gender: Male
Age: 0
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Religion: Christian-other
Education: Some College

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