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RSS Namry

Reward Points:24
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Fast foods contain the same amount of oils, fats, vitamins as an ordinary home food cause rather in home it can be more oily because we are not conscious that how much oil we are putting in the dish but in the fast food shops they measure ever item properly and then give it and i hope no one will have an objection in this point because everyone knows fast food shops are very famous and then rarely do any mistake.

1 point

Mobile phones are very important in this time. Without mobile phone we can't connect to each other.

1 point

Do you know Bangladesh? If you know please kindly write something.

1 point

I live in a Asian country and I see that children are working to help their family. I support the children. Do you?

2 points

Girls like to shop. I am girl even I like to shop. So that's why I think shopping is good.

3 points

Fast food can be found anywhere. If you go for a trip will you again to your home to just cook. It's easy if you buy from a fast food shop.

3 points

You are saying that you don't like fast food. But think you have to eat fast food everyday. So why do you think that fast food is bad?

3 points

Fast foods are always better because it is quick,easy,cheap and healthy.

4 points

Do you all eat eggs and cheese. You use it on home foods and fast foods. If we use in home food it is good but if we use it in fast food they will say it is bad. Why do we us bad cheese for fast food. This all are same the difference is fast food is quick and better.

3 points

You can check in the internet that now-a-days people are thinking to make fast food healthier. After that you all will say fast food is healthy.

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Winning Position: Mobile phones are good
Winning Position: I know,I want to know
Winning Position: We should help children
Winning Position: Shopping is good
Winning Position: Poverty is the main cause
Winning Position: Home foods are better

About Me

Biographical Information
Name: Sanjana Namreen
Gender: Girl
Age: 21
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: Bangladesh
Religion: Muslim
Education: High School

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