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RSS Nana-llama

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1 point

Well why not? Yes, he may have caused distraught to many, and he may not have been the first "person" to discover our great land, but he did bring England to this land. It may not have been a worldly discovery, but it was a discovery nonetheless. And you can't blame him for his actions. He was only but a confused white man. These people were foreign to him, he wasn't sure what to do so he resorted to the only thing he could think of that kept him safest.

0 points

Sprawled across the page, yes. Of course the records are real. They must be, unless we have all just imagined the same exact bible.

Do I believe the meaning behind the records? No. But it is for certain that the records themselves are real, just not what they have spilled out in ink.

2 points

You asked the wrong question if you are looking for a specific yes or no answer. The faultiness is the fact that there's no possible way you could truly argue the fact that God doesn't exist to such a loose question. God lives within the majority of our minds. God lives in our lives wether we believe him/it to be our creator or not. We don't have to believe in the so called teachings of God for him to exist. God is an Ideal whether we want it to be or not.

For more clarification on what I'm trying to say just ask.

3 points

I never mentioned anything what so ever in my comments about God controlling our actions. So, therefore your argument is somewhat invalid. I claimed for those of whom believing in God say that he is our Creator. So if that is to be true, then he is the one at fault for allowing ourselves to exist. So if God is to know the future he would've seen our horrendous behavior towards Earth. Plus, even given our so-called "Free will", he still made the ultimate choice to summon us into existence.

4 points

I've seen a few references to God on this prevalent issue. Though I don't fully disagree nor agree with his existence, I do find it peculiar how we twist the words of the bible and/or of God him(it)self. If such an existence is to be, then how are we to know the true ways. In no way do we hear from this prevailing force the words set upon us. We are only given our minds to comprehend things into our own viewpoints. So even if we are to hear the true words from this Ultimate Force won't we just make our individual interpretations rather than what was initially intended from the Creator. So how can one expect our minds to fully develop the knowledge of the truest comprehendance on each word thrown upon us.

Now even if certain individuals viewpoints on God is to be of physical form, then I still have yet to argue. Many supporters of God claim that climate change is, in fact, man-made. So if that's to be true in your eyes, then aren't you contradicting your "own" beliefs? You say God created us, yet we are the ones at fault for worldly issues. Doesn't it, in turn, break down to Gods fault. After all, he is the one who made the decision to bring us into form.

For those of you looking for certain biblical quotes to refer to, here you are---> study/

2 points

According to this website presented by the AAAS, climate change has already revealed that it's definitely human induced to a degree (pun intended). So rather than keep debating with other public parties whether or not its human induced, we shall hence start focusing on how we can further prevent our man-made impact on our very own Earth. And for those of you who believe that our overall impact takes accumulative time, you would be somewhat wrong. Though the temperature increase within our atmosphere has taken time, there's direct causes of climate change as shown in the following article. Note: This article/paper clearly states that this isn't just another paper, but it is an accumulative set of data, surveys, and studies within multiple consecutive years.

Nana-llama(35) Clarified
1 point

I much thank you for your clarification and knowledge held within such a topic. I will indeed make sure to read up more on these matters. Thanks again and good day sir.

1 point

This argument does not ask whether both heaven and hell are false. It clearly states whether or not hell can exist if heaven ceases to be.

1 point

I actually agree with much of what you have to say, and I myself have read plenty of books on studies such as us taking certain actions before we are consciously aware. Although it may not be a necessity to be fully aware and all knowing of individuals, I still see how things can get mangled, misinterpreted, and such if one cannot fully interpret another, thus leading to misguided conclusions. Though even having said so, I still definitely see your point and would actually appreciate it if you talked to me more on the subjective perception and existence beyond physical form (bodies). My stance on this topic was, and still remains inconclusive, though I partially believe love can be a misunderstanding my opinion still remains to be more thoroughly developed. If you so choose to further your explanations on such a topic I'd much appreciate that, but if you choose not to I'm still curious as to if you could please consider recommending some books for myself to read.

Nana-llama(35) Clarified
1 point

Yet a Genious knows himself to be a fool no matter their findings and apprehendance of certain topics.

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