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RSS Narwhal

Reward Points:56
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Narwhal(56) Clarified
4 points

The fact that you just decided that I must be referring to "intellectual diversity", as opposed to maliciously stereotyping millions of diverse people, proves my point. The fact that you then implicitly insulted me further demonstrates it.

1 point

Sad to see this website is still incredibly toxic =/

1 point

The former exists, the latter does.

It's a silly comparison.

Narwhal(56) Clarified
1 point

First, that has no relevance to my post. Second, "is being used" implies a conspiracy, orchestrated by someone or a group.

Who, might I ask, is using abortion for this purpose, and based on what evidence?

1 point

No, they weren't. You claimed that the Democratic party tried to organize a sort of internal coup in the Catholic Church. The only evidence you have shown has him explicitly stating the opposite. Redirecting me to the same argument does not disprove the claim that, again, rested upon that evidence. That's beyond circular.

1 point

I'm sorry but none of this is substantied. You are simply demonizing peoplease for having differing beliefs at this point.

1 point

Your very citation shows that he believed it would have to be bottom up, and that he hasn't thought about doing it. It's EXPLICITLY quoted.

1 point

Just because I already know where this is going and it will be fun to see the twist anyways, can you point to which point in history education correlated with right wing ideologies?

Narwhal(56) Clarified
1 point

....sexual attraction is a feeling. It is THE feeling we are talking about. You have consistently claimed that the feeling (sexual orientation) is a choice, as you did in this very post. You also continuously insist on conflating feelings of sexual attraction (what this debate is about) with sexual acts (which this debate isn't about).

Please, seriously, enough talking about sexual acts. This debate isn't about that. It's about whether or not an individual chooses who they are attracted to. That's it.

And I have asked you several times to provide a real definition of the word homosexual that implies sexual acts. Can you, or can you not, provide one?

Narwhal(56) Clarified
1 point

Hillary is azure, while Bernie is a beautiful shade of aquamarine.

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