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RSS Nazgul

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1 point


School uniforms are specific clothes that a certain school requires its students to wear. Uniforms generally consist of either a dress shirt or polo shirt for both boys and girls and either dark or brown pants for both or a dark or plaid skirt for girls. Shoes may be dress shoes or plain dark shoes.


As of 2009 in the United States, there are 21 states with public school systems requiring their students to wear uniforms. A case study from 1999 conducted in Long Beach, California showed that instituting a uniform policy greatly reduced violence and other issues in the school. Crimes, suspensions and sex offenses were all reduced by at least 90 percent and vandalism dropped by almost 70 percent.

0 points

Dayana thank you for organization this debate. It was interesting for me. And i will stay on my own position not to wear uniforms.

1 point

We think that student should not wear uniform. Because as i sad it is boring and by wearing uniforms you can not stand out among the students. If you wear a casual clothes you will show your individuality and some time you will economy your money.

1 point

And for example by the appearance you can determine the students character. For instance the creative students are wear very colorfully. And among the students we have the designers they will too stand out.

1 point

And if the parents buy the casual clothes for their children it will be economy their money, because the family who have more children will wear this clothes one by one . For example firstly the older son or girl and the next in this way

1 point

but you're not going to wear the same form in every season. Any way you will hAVE TO CHANGE , BUY THE UNIFORM FOR WINTER.what about in this way???

1 point

No if they will have their own choice they will have more desire to learn to know. But we do not see the students who are competing. For example if we take The famous show Icarly. this is programme about student`s life at school, here all the students wearing what they want, there is a free choice for students but as we see it is not desire for their learning. I do not agree with you if students will wear the same thing every day you will bored from it. And it is uncomfortable for yourself to wear the same clothe.

1 point

And where they will be to show their individuality if not at school? I think that the school is the best way to show your individuality and not prevent the student`s ability

1 point

Yes i agree with Rabiga. I support that children go to school not to show their appearance and to wear uniform. They go to school to show and to take knowledge. and i also I believe it blocks the students ability to be different and unique. A student should be able to show how he is different and express them selfs

3 points

It's up to the school on whether or not their students wear uniforms or not. I don't see much of a difference between whether or not students do or do not wear them. Even if it does improve the overall look of a school, I don't see it improving cohesiveness. When I was young I went to a school that had uniforms, and all the beliefs people have that it reduces cliques or ridicule among students are false. Everyone might have a uniform, but not everyone has the same backpack, or hairdo, or earrings, or book covers. Children will always find a way to pick at each other. Also, clothing is a way that teenagers express themselves. With uniforms, many times students feel oppressed wither than liberated, making them dislike going to school and not trust the faculty as much, which overall, is worse than letting them dress however they want and risking looking inappropriate.

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