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RSS Negligentt

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Oh goody. Look. It's a retard liberal with a helmet. How cute.

1 point

Then don't hold it until you get home. Also don't try to do it in the women's bathroom. Do you need to ask why? Shall I give you a list of reasons that I don't want grown men in stalls next to 8 year old girls? I don't want any of the other theoretical and fictional 58 genders next to 8 year old girls either. Hold it, or go to the restroom of the gender on your drivers license. Otherwise I get a discount on my insurance simply for claiming to be a woman. I also can now get scholarships, a husband to support me, and can even now claim to be equal with my dog.

1 point

I'm picturing the Darwin fish with the Jewish beanie on its Jewish/Darwinian head.

1 point

You were banned because you were making no points, had nothing of intellectual status to say, and actually said multiple things that were full out demonstrably false lies, and I proved it. Bye.

1 point

I called the hot line. You should do the same. Then you'd know what the f*ck you are talking about. Of course, you didn't call, didn't cover most of the link, but became an expert within minutes as a typcical sociopath. I could smell your mental disorder from a mile away. Of course that scent was really, really strong. At times, it smelled like tuna, strangely.

1 point

Actually, I haven't seen you tell the truth yet. I have seen signs of Narcissism and Sociopathy and being a Pathological liar.

1 point

Ramshutu lie counter #100

I disagree. I went through the link, and it actually couldn't support the contention more.

1 point

They are trapped within the logic or lack of logic of Atheism, and cannot answer even the most basic of questions.

0 points

If what you said is true, then welcome to your first defeat in Open Battle Debate.

1 point

They actually have a hotline for liberals suffering from "Trump Depression". No shit.

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