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RSS NeoNazi

Reward Points:36
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2 points

Totally agree Slavedevice. People have no idea what the Nazi party really stood for. You summed up national socialism perfectly.

1 point


It sucks because it's majority rule, and it's a well known fact that the majority of people are stupid. You must be one of them if you think every random idiot dick face on earth is entitled to have a say in important matters they know nothing about.

1 point

I don't think anyone wants you on the streets.

Yes, we can't have a law abiding white man who happens to understand that different races have differing traits uglifying the streets with his logic and whiteness now can we?

No, I just can't take your points seriously due to your name.

I can't take you seriously if you can't take me seriously just because my SN is neonazi.

Jewish supremacists.

Jewish supremacy is a CENTRAL TENANT of judaism. It is an inherent part of jewish ideology. Jews consider themselves "God's chosen people" due to their race, quite obviously implying that they are racially superior. The talmud refers to goyim as animals and is very clear about the differing moral expectations when dealing with goy vs dealing with a fellow jew. Many Jews do not feel that goyim are animals and are not bad people, but many jews, especially those who are devout or part of the jewish elite are very clear about how they see those outside of their tribe.

1 point

I'm the whitest

You're blacker than licorice. You only look white because of the massive globs of ectoplasmic jizz covering your entire body.



I politely decline.

NIGGER nigger nigger nigger

at least I haven't invalidated my point by naming myself "NeoNazi".

So now I'm automatically wrong just for being a Neo-Nazi? Discrimination much?

Where are the statistics that prove that Jews are significantly more elitist than 99.98% of the world population?

1 point

@exconvict the lying jewish knave

Afraid??? Naaa. We wouldn’t have lasted 6,000 years if we were afraid.

You wouldn't have lasted 6,000 years if you WEREN'T afraid, dick face. Your people have been hiding behind walls of money and deception for your entire history. If you really think about what's going on in the torah the entire jewish history consists of infiltrating a nations government and weaseling their way into positions of power just like the rothschilds and other kyke banksters do to this day. You have survived because you are the best at cowardly deceptive tactics and convincing other people to do your fighting for you. I will give you one thing, you jews are high IQ people, this is why you have survived despite your many deficiences in physical health and morality. You are a cowardly people who buil;ds walls of money and government protection protecting you from outsiders of your tribe when you yourselves are always the outsiders trying to economically take over a nation and win over it's government from the shadows, and when you are finally kicked out like you deserve which has happened dozens of times in numerous countries you play the victim.

1 point

Do you see that flag? This guy is a Jew, no doubt he is lying.

2 points

Why is it that pro life groups never speak out against animal cruelty? I would actually have respect for people against cruelty to fetuses if they also were against cruelty to animals and or any kind of cruelty whatsoever other than just that one issue.

You only care about abortion and they only care about animals, I don't see the bloody difference.

1 point

That's just my point though, did you SEE them get murdered? How do you KNOW they even WHERE? Jewish banksters started WW2 and played both sides just like they did with Napoleon and in WW1. Who controlled the economies of all these countries ? Rothschild zionists, and Hitler's whole struggle was about stopping these banksters from wrapping their tentacles around the Fatherland.

NeoNazi(36) Clarified
1 point

Stayed in contact did you? How do you know what happened to those relatives? They probably did a bit of forced labour then got shipped off to israel.

2 points


Couldn't have said it better myself. While the whites and Asians are busy climbing the mountain of human achievement the bongos are nothing but monkeys on our backs trying to drag us back into the stone age.

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Winning Position: I'm a good little goy

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