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2 points

Nonsense. If entropy is all there is then how did the universe achieve the density required to create a singularity? If entropy is all there is then why does life continue to get more complex or even come into existence at all? You are just a miserably little fucktard and you are projecting your misery onto the universe when it never did anything but create you and provide you with sustenance.

1 point


You don't feel gravity, you feel yourself being pulled towards the earth because of the density of the earth. Now ask yourself this question: Do you think it's more likely that the mass of the earth which is created by magic teleporting higgs particles which are bound to the magic teleporting particles in the atoms of earth and everything on it are distorting space itself to create this effect? OR do you think it's a FIELD which is contracting due to higher density in certain areas which causes things within the field to move closer. Since particles in actuality are made of the FIELD and are merely denser, winding vortexes within the field it's only too obvious that they would cause a compression of the field.

2 points

Soxciety's goal should be to not destroy itself through war and and money grubbing and mindless stupidity.

1 point

To bend light. Pure energy like that would take enough gravity that the lightsaber would be pointless

Lightsaber blades are made of plasma, not light. Also it does not require mass to produce the effects of gravity, nor does it require gravity to produce a lightsaber. it merely requires a very focused and localized magnetic field.

NicolaTesla(1) Clarified
1 point


Even mainstream physicists have admitted that gravity is not technically a force. The four forces, as they are commonly represented, are characterized as fields in and of themselves. In reality each force is merely a property or subset of properties within one field which is called the aether. The aether can be thought of as an unstable, plastic membrane and every physical phenomena fundamentally consists of perturbations of the aether. Basically, gravity is not a force (force in the literal sense is the only force) but rather a compression in the aether caused by field density. The aether can compress, rarefy, twist and oscillate, thus we have gravity, magnetism, entropy, particles and waves. A particle is a vortex, it is a wound up ball of aether which is twisting and oscillating. Since everything is connected because everything is the aether these denser balls of winding aether create compressions in the aether which pull things in in a similar manner to gravity in Einstein's dream about the quilt. It's not space itself that is compressed but the universal field which is the basis for all things. Space/time does not exist, they only exist in the way that a shadow exists or cold exists.

1 point

I don't think that. Why do you lie so much?

What I meant is that bronto thinks you are nomenclature, not that you think joe is nomenclature. You are both joe and nomenclature judging by your debate style and constant use of the "neo-nazi" allegations.

I haven't made any wild accusations you stupid partisan troll.

Hate speech, neo-nazi. These are wild accusations. There is no reason to resort to such childish antics whenever someone disagrees with you. And what makes you think I am a partisan troll? Because I am not sucking your cock and agreeing with everything you say? I'm left wing buddy, you just don't like me because I'm not an alt-left lunatic who calls everyone nazis and paid shills just for disagreeing.

I fully support you being permanently banned from this site

I fully support you being permanently banned from this planet.

0 points

Who is FactMachine? Let me check. Hmm, looks like a belligerent fool who was banned for good reason, although I didn't see "niggershitbitchpussy" anywhere. How am I playing down abuse of the platform? You mean the cussing or bronto upvoting himself? Those things are not ideal, but you haven't proven that bronto has done this. You merely accused him, but I can see quite plainly you are this nomenclature guy and you are acting like a freak. Who just goes around labeling people neo-nazis baselessly and making hate speech allegations over nothing? You sound like a paid shill trying to make the left look bad by acting out the alt-left stereotype.

1 point

Wait a minute, that last guy called him a paid shill too. And after looking at the history he seems to think you are this "nomenclature" guy just like NumberOne. You make all the same wild accusations and have the same debate style and type exactly the same. I have also noticed that you both use british spelling. Let me check....hmm....I looked up nomenclature and then repasted this to finish the reply. It is quite apparent that you are indeed nomenclature, and that brontoraptor has a much bigger wanker-doodle in his knickers and your bollocks are the size of neutrinos. Your bollocks are so tiny they will have to revise the standard model because they are small enough to be classified as a new subatomic particle.

1 point


You are acting pretty extreme. Accusing him of hate speech and being a neo-nazi just because he doesn't want a massive influx of migrants is pretty illogical to be honest. Notice, he isn't saying anything hateful about migrants or even saying he doesn't want migrants generally speaking, it seems to me he is just saying that too many migrants would overburden a country which is a very reasonable and benign thing to say. It's pretty obvious really, you don't want to just tell everyone to go fuck themselves, and that's not what he's saying at all, it's just that you shouldn't just haphazardly let everyone in.

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