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RSS NicolasCage

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What's so morally wrong about learning how to use your body's pleasure to its maximum potential? If it were immoral to have anal sex why would God make it so darn good?

2 points

I wonder: is FromWithin so against background checks for guns because he knows that he, himself, is too mentally unstable to be eligible?

I believe the difference is that you can't shoot 100 people in a crowd with a pint of lager.

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Because African Americans are more likely to be in poverty, and as a consequence of that they're more likely to be raised surrounded by this culture of crime.

It's not genetic, it's social. Minorities are more likely to be involved with crime because they're more excluded from mainstream culture both economically and culturally.

But Darwin's theory isn't a theory about our beginnings. Human beginnings perhaps, but not life itself.

I never said "life itself", though.

We're human, aren't we? Therefore it's rather obvious that the "our" was referring to "us", as in, we the human race.

I'm not sure if it's the "greatest theory ever", however off the top of my head I can't think of another one which surpasses it so I'll put my argument here.

The theory of evolution massively challenged the status quo, and changed how the entire Western world thinks. Whilst secularisation was already taking place in 1859, I'd argue that Darwin's theory of evolution and natural selection is why we have an almost fully secular society (UK+US) today.

Arguments could be made that other theories (such as gravity, laws of thermodynamics, etc) are more important in the wider scheme of things, however I'd definitely argue that evolution is the most significant theory to impact social change in our history. Nothing - that I can think of - has come close to changing the way millions of people think in such a short time.

In a few centuries, I think it's guaranteed that Darwin's theory will become the most accepted idea of our beginnings.

Oxygen is objectively important to life on earth.

But life isn't objectively important to someone who doesn't want to live; therefore, neither is oxygen.

If something is objectively important for one thing, that does not mean it is objectively important to all things. Food is important to me, objectively, however it's not important to a man who doesn't need to eat.

Oxygen is important to maintain life. That doesn't mean it's important to everyone and everything in the universe. Therefore, it's not objectively and universally important.

2 points

Even something such as water is not important or significant to someone who does not want to live.

I believe politics is significant and important, but some people I know couldn't care less about it.

Things are significant and important based on a person's own experiences and beliefs. There's no objective truths to it.

Make no mistake, God has been proven to exist. Nothing has greater scientific confirmation.

Has he? That's quite a remarkable find! Would you care to show me the proof?

("proof" in this instance does not include the argument that "the proof is all around you!", by the way.)

How dare they be prepared for economic scenarios? The absolute gall of John McDonnell doing his job! These silly communists, next thing you know they'll be thinking about how to prevent nuclear war!

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Winning Position: How effective is the ontological argument?
Winning Position: other things; some bad things
Winning Position: No, that's absurd.

About Me

"A loving child of three."

Biographical Information
Name: Nic Cage
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Religion: Agnostic

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