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RSS NicolasCage

Reward Points:267
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I've explained this twice. Does your mind just not comprehend logic? I'm sure there's treatments for such an ailment, outlaw.

African Americans are more likely to be working class than White Americans. That's the point.

Maybe it's confusing to someone with limited brain capacity such as you.

The working class have higher rates of abortion than the other classes.

African-Americans are more likely to be working class.

Therefore, African Americans have high abortion rates.

2 points

Oh no, heaven forbid the left wanting to keep our water clean! We must inform the Church elders; these LIBTARDS don't want to poison our water supply!

2 points

African Americans have extremely high poverty rates, so they're more likely to have abortions because of the fear of not being able to support themselves and their child.

It's simply a fact that the working class have higher abortion rates. It's nothing to do with some sort of black genetic code which forces black women to have abortions, that's absolutely ludicrous.

0 points

Abolished completely? You realise employers would start paying people 99p an hour, right?

The minimum wage is there is stop the exploitation of workers. If you want to abolish the minimum wage, you'd also have to greatly lower the price of food, taxes, rent, etc. so that people can actually survive - and that'd just crash the economy.

It's more immoral to be paying hard workers a minuscule amount of money. How is treating the workforce fairly immoral in any way?

In England we have a living wage which essentially means a minimum wage adjusted to the amount of money people need to live. Currently it's £6.70 an hour, which is about $8, and no one's losing jobs or having their business go under because of it. That's absolutely ludicrous.

Repost your argument when your boss starts paying you 50 cents an hour, and see if you still agree with abolishing the minimum wage.

We should be celebrating every single time Grenache breathes, let alone his birthday.

Trump could appoint Fred Phelps Sr. and his supporters wouldn't bat an eye. Which is even more telling considering he's dead.

there are sufficient similarities between him and Peter the Great.

No there aren't. I've disputed the similarities. Peter the Great would be thrashing about in his grave if he heard such a comparison.

As far as your comment regarding SMARTS, He did get the initial outcome of getting elected despite all the odds.

That's not because he's smart, it's because both the far-left and far-right are morons.

Many of the people who support Trump are too stupid to acknowledge facts and criticisms and follow him no matter what he does.

Many of the others who voted for Trump did so because they weighed up the candidates and chose what they believed was the lesser of two evils. Both choices were awful, and I hold no judgement against these voters.

Then, there's the group who voted for Trump because, rightly so, they're sick of the far-left chastising and insulting them for the slightest difference in political opinion. These people completely sour the rest of the left, just like the alt-right sour the name of conservatives.

NicolasCage(267) Clarified
1 point


I've already ruled out Outlaw and NowASaint as two people who aren't worth debating with. You're right, you definitely learn quickly.

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Winning Position: No, that's absurd.

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