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RSS NicolasCage

Reward Points:352
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NicolasCage(352) Clarified
1 point

I am a "fag", yes. It's quite fun actually, you should try it some time. You get to be part of a wide, friendly community, you get to fight for what you believe in, you get to have incredible sex... oh, did I forget to mention the eternal damnation you go through when you die? That's my favourite part of being a "faggot".

NicolasCage(352) Clarified
1 point

God is not benevolent toward evil, He is against evil and will punish evil.

How do you know? Have you spoken to him?

According to you, I and the entire LGBT community are "evil". Does God wish to punish me for how he supposedly made me?

In which case, God created me, and created who and what I am... just so that he can take pleasure in my eternal suffering in Hell. That's rather sadistic, no? It seems to me that your God should be punishing himself, if he's so wound up about punishing evil.

Nor did I claim that the OP said homosexuality is a terrorist ideology. He did, however, use terrorist and extremist ideologies as a direct comparison, or analogy, in order to dispute my argument.

It is a faulty argument because it implies that disagreeing to make a cake with an ISIS flag and a cake with a pride flag are equivalent. One flag is directly attributed to a terrorist group who have murdered innocent people, the other is a flag which represents a general community of peaceful people.

Perhaps a terrorist could say pushing the LGBT agenda was their motive, however that's not what the gay pride flag itself represents. It's not the same as rejecting an objectively violent organisation.

Of course Jesus existed, it's an almost unanimously agreed upon fact by historians.

What is not agreed upon, and what can never be determined, is whether he really was the "son of God" and could perform miracles.

Personally, I believe in Jesus the "man", not Jesus the "God". A lot of the stories about Jesus in the Bible have certainly been exaggerated, or even completely fabricated. The one that comes to mind is Herod ordering for all the children in Bethlehem to be murdered. It's something that has never been recorded in any historical record whatsoever.

2 points

As long as that theory doesn't trash/diminish the reputation and memory of those who lost their lives in the incident ("9/11 was really caused by the people in the towers sacrificing themselves to the dark lord of chaos Cthulhu", or something to that effect), then no it's not disrespectful.

Apologies if I have been bad mannered in the past, although I fail to see how calling me ignorant without specifying why is any less bad mannered.

I'm not an atheist myself, however it's undeniable that atheism is the far more logical position.

Atheism looks at science, and scientific explanations; as we know, science is a direct path to the truth.

Theism, on the other hand, relies massively on faith and I dare say the "hope" that there is a God.

Science beats faith in the "logical" department. I neither believe or disbelieve however, so don't mistake this as an argument for the non-existence of God; it is not.

I'm ignorant because I called your irrelevant argument irrelevant?

Yes. Your point is? How is your reply relevant to the debate?

NicolasCage(352) Clarified
1 point

While many of us have ideological objections to ISIS, Nazis, and other terrorists, there are Christians and Muslims who have ideological objections to homosexual weddings.

Yes, out of an irrational fear of them. It's not irrational to fear ISIS and Nazis, though, who literally want the elimination of people who are different to them.

It isn't in any way comparable.

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Winning Position: No, that's absurd.

About Me

"A loving child of three."

Biographical Information
Name: Nic Cage
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Religion: Agnostic

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