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RSS NicolasCage

Reward Points:329
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NicolasCage(329) Clarified
1 point

Obama's foreign policy certainly didn't help. We need to stop intervening and spending money on foreign affairs, and Obama is definitely guilty of having a deplorable policy.

Are you dense? (Wait, don't answer that, I know.)

It baffles me how ignorant the "alt-right" such as you can be when talking about terrorism. It's undeniable that foreign policy has had a huge impact on the amount of terrorism we've been experiencing.

Of course it's not the only factor, but it's certainly a large one.

4 points

You're possibly the worst at debating I have ever seen.

Says the person who literally banned someone who disagrees with him before he had a chance to respond to you?

2 points

Of course. Many Christians admit that it's a sin, but do not force their views onto homosexuals or society. Many accept that it's a part of our society and there's nothing wrong with that, because sin is ultimately always a part of society... from drinking, smoking, swearing, etc...

A bigot would be someone who acts on this belief negatively and actively oppresses homosexuals.

No, it's not, just like theism isn't a religion.

Theism is the belief in God, but not necessarily the worship or practice of rituals surrounding a particular God.

Atheism is the disbelief in God altogether, regardless of religion.

You can be a theist but not religious.

You can even be an atheist and religious (Buddhism, Jainism, Laveyan Satanism, etc). However, many people would probably refer to these more as 'philosophies' than religions, although that's a completely different topic to get into.

So, no, atheism is not a religion. Atheism can certainly lead to religion, just like theism usually leads to religion, however it is not in of itself a religious practice.

Of course it's a right. How can anyone claim to live in a civilised country when they are not even given something as basic as good, professional healthcare?

The right constantly attempt to justify their amorality on this issue. It shouldn't be considered a grey area with equally ethical choices; it should be considered something that all humans, rich or poor, should be given a right to.

He said "I don't believe God exists". I've seen YouTube subtitles turn "banana" into "iguana" before, it's not accurate in the slightest. Listen to the full interview without subtitles.

I hope you realise the uploader of that video is trolling you. Look at the comments.

Certainly not in the classroom, but I don't see the point in restricting them completely outside lessons.

0 points

Children that young are not capable of major autonomous thought. They'll naturally be attracted to things that they are familiar with - which obviously means black children would be more afraid or reluctant of white children, and vice versa. It could be considered a survival instinct... afraid of strangers, loving of trusted and known people.

Being afraid of the unknown doesn't mean you hate the unknown. Once they discover it, they relish in it. Racism is most certainly taught - attempting to argue otherwise is attempting to justify it.

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Winning Position: No, that's absurd.

About Me

"A loving child of three."

Biographical Information
Name: Nic Cage
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Religion: Agnostic

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