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RSS NicolasCage

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Of course it's a right. How can anyone claim to live in a civilised country when they are not even given something as basic as good, professional healthcare?

The right constantly attempt to justify their amorality on this issue. It shouldn't be considered a grey area with equally ethical choices; it should be considered something that all humans, rich or poor, should be given a right to.

He said "I don't believe God exists". I've seen YouTube subtitles turn "banana" into "iguana" before, it's not accurate in the slightest. Listen to the full interview without subtitles.

I hope you realise the uploader of that video is trolling you. Look at the comments.

Certainly not in the classroom, but I don't see the point in restricting them completely outside lessons.

0 points

Children that young are not capable of major autonomous thought. They'll naturally be attracted to things that they are familiar with - which obviously means black children would be more afraid or reluctant of white children, and vice versa. It could be considered a survival instinct... afraid of strangers, loving of trusted and known people.

Being afraid of the unknown doesn't mean you hate the unknown. Once they discover it, they relish in it. Racism is most certainly taught - attempting to argue otherwise is attempting to justify it.

Only people I've seen complain are the far-right complaining about non existent liberals complaining.

How come even when you agree with me you act like a rebellious retarded 6 year old?

So by citing 2 examples, you have debunked the claim that the majority of rape cases are true?

The only reason I see for you so vigorously bringing up the fact that those two women were black is to undermine and insult black people, implying they're natural liars. What was the purpose of that "both of them are black" comment? Whether they're black or not, they did something wrong. Their skin colour didn't make them falsely accuse men.

I don't think it should be under the circumstance that a woman loses a court case, but rather if the woman admits that it was a false accusation, or if it can be proven with substantial evidence.

There was a case I remember reading of a white woman whom accused a black man of raping her. He was in his late teens, and was close to getting a scholarship at a prestigious university, and the accusation completely ruined his chances and landed him in prison for years. She admitted a few years afterwards that she made the whole thing up, and the guy was released.

In a case like this, the woman should certainly have to pay some sort of compensation.

The only issue I see is that laws such as this in place may discourage women from admitting they made a case up.

Plus, the vast majority of rape cases are completely true, so it may undermine real examples and deter girls from speaking out and taking someone to court.

2 points

False accusations are an obstruction of justice, and can completely ruin a person's life.

2 points

Where in my post did I mention Christianity, or any specific religion for that matter?

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Winning Position: How effective is the ontological argument?
Winning Position: other things; some bad things
Winning Position: No, that's absurd.

About Me

"A loving child of three."

Biographical Information
Name: Nic Cage
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Religion: Agnostic

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