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RSS Nom_Chomsky

Reward Points:301
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10 most recent arguments.

It’s nice to see that you’re catching on to the fact that socialism only works as promised in magical fictions

Socialism didn't work in the Bible buddy. Perhaps you haven't read it but one of your far right extremist Jewish ancestors ratted Jesus out to the Romans and they executed him.

here goods and services are literally free

If I give you something for free then that isn't magic you stupid fucking imbecile. It's called kindness. Perhaps if you had tried it sometime you wouldn't be quite the horrible little liar that you are.

If you can't defeat an argument

Lol. You've never presented an argument in your entire life you laughably absurd twat. Spamming a page with far right memes and/or telling brazen lies is not the same thing as "an argument" in any academic circle or institution on the entire fucking planet. Get out, moron.

Nom_Chomsky(301) Clarified
1 point

if they're "mentally ill", but support the NRA, why, THAT is GREAT! The crazier the better!

Damn straight, Alfie. Depression or anxiety? Die Lib. Narcissism or psychopathy? Welcome brother.

When a person decides who lives or dies based on physical and/or mental characteristics, it's called "eugenics," and it's a tactic employed by the Nazis during the Holocaust.

That's a horrendous distortion. Eugenics isn't a tactic. It's a science. It has nothing to do with killing anybody. Until World War 2 Eugenics was studied as a science in North America, Europe, Russia and Japan.

2 points

So are you ok with Iran getting Nuclear weapons?

It's none of your damned business what Iran does you raging interventionist hypocrite.

The United States has nuclear weapons. Israel has nuclear weapons. How is Iran supposed to defend itself if it doesn't also have nuclear weapons?

What would have happened if the world did not go to war with Germany, and Hitler had gotten the Atom bomb?

But Donald Trump is literally one hundred times more like Hitler than anybody in Iran, so your attempted analogy is literally fucking ridiculous. See:-

Donald Trump "kept book of Adolf Hitler's speeches in his bedside cabinet" 1990-a7639041.html

I can guarantee you that the Iranian leaders do not read the works of Hitler at bedtime.

Religious liberty is a human right. There is no excuse for anti Christian hate.

It doesn't work like that. Your religion is responsible for the deaths of millions of people. You lose the "right" to do something when it hurts other people. The same applies to guns. For some reason you only seem to give a shit about YOUR "rights", and care nothing about MY right to walk out of the front door without being at risk of being shot.

0 points

It's not fair to me. I am angry at God

The truth is that God doesn't exist, so your anger is wasted.

Religious people want it both ways. They want a universe where there is a fair, forgiving and just omnipotent sky lord, and one where they can explain all the unfair, unforgiving and unjust things which happen in it.

I am sorry that you are disabled. You are right that it isn't fair.

2 points

We have too many wars. Foreign interventionism created this regime. War costs lives, and money. I was wrong about the Iraq war, and don't want to be wrong again.

Well said.

In fact, this is really all about Israel. Israel has been trying to convince the US to attack Iran for decades, but they haven't yet found a president stupid enough to contemplate it. In Trump they have such a president.

Of course, I have an opinion about these people. I have an opinion about EVERYBODY. But, if I let my opinion dictate who I did business with, I wouldn't do business with anybody.

So, in other words, for the right price you will ignore your principles and your conscience.

Dude. You'd have made a great arms dealer.

2 points

Men and women can share awards, which are not different for each gender. I'd be concerned if you knew so much about female reproductive organs that you'd be able to talk about it in depth.

You must forgive Brontoraptor. He was born with an extra X chromosome which made his mind impotent.

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