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1 point

So you disputed semantics on a clickbait title. Good for you. Do you have anything to contribute to the actual point being made?

Nomoturtle(640) Clarified
1 point

'Your'? I don't have any alts. You seem pretty paranoid dude. My profile should check out.

1 point

Then I'll reiterate. My interest here is mutual disarmament. If both the police and the people they are policing are equipped with less deadly mediums of force, fewer people will die. You proposed spears, spears are less dangerous than guns, so yes, that fits my agenda.

How you bring it down from guns to spears to whatever the heck you want is up to you, but I'm saying you should at least try. There's a heck of a lot of resistance against gun control even in its most rudimentary and minimised form. I'm trying to call that out as logically unjustified.

1 point

I'm not really sure what you're getting at here, is this a counter or a proposition?

1 point

If a grocery store type job is a job that is required in society, a real job, then those that operate that job should be able to at the very least survive on the pay they earn from it.

2 points

I'm gonna have to start using metaphors to bitch about other people

1 point

I'm actually an alpha-wizard. Jeez, idiots everywhere.

Could be that everyone has a similar level of resources or brain power which is utilised in unique ways which show our ability, where significant aptitude for one subject or skill can come at the cost of an impediment for others. I think this would be particularly apparent in cases involving autism, or perhaps being the sole cause of autism.

Having a natural almost incomparable talent for playing violin may come at the cost of understanding and exhibiting social behaviour, which most of us dedicate almost everything to. None of this would be by choice mind you.

Also can explain why sensory impairment can lead to advanced ability in the remaining senses.

Nomoturtle(640) Clarified
1 point

Different ways to interpret the data? Sure, why not.

But then wouldn't we see all light as slightly red shifted, proportional to the distance it travelled? Even on our scale of size, such an effect would be detectable right? Detecting light from sources far away would have longer wavelengths than those from closer sources. This doesn't happen. I imagine that something like this would be particularly apparent to the extreme when a light based experiment was used to detect gravitational waves on a ridiculously small scale.

To interpret it that way it would have to be something unique to the space between the galaxies, or maybe the matter the light is reflecting/coming from in those galaxies.

1 point

The big bang is a theory that's been arrived at by looking at data. It's not some person with a fetish for explosions trying to supplant god. Using math and looking at CMBR, the fact that all observed galaxies are red shifted and by considering the trajectories of other galaxies, you can surmise that they all originated from a single point, that a ridiculous amount of energy was released, and that it happened nearly 14 billion years ago.

A good explanation that fits this information is that something akin to an explosion happened 14 billion years ago. Big bang. That's it. It's not a belief, it's a theory which has yet to be disproven, but can and likely will be disproven at any time. Atheists typically believe in this explanation over those involving a supreme creator, since such explanations inevitably rely on circular reasoning with a prerequisite belief

1 point

Would you like the police to police Compton with spears?

If possible, yes. Fewer criminals, innocents and police would die if everyone was armed only with spears. The less capable anyone is of murder, the better. This does not solve or prevent any crime, but does dull the sheer numbers of lives lost to petty bullshit.

Of course you can. The ones who want a life, peace, and success go find it.

From a quick google, 1 in 4 black adults have a felony. Assuming anyone with a felony is the monster as is feared, that's 3 out of 4 people of the black community looking for a life, peace and success; with no gang related reasons for not giving up arms. I'm not talking about not all blacks, I'm talking about a significant majority not being remotely like those you describe.

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