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RSS NomsGoat

Reward Points:60
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1 point

Then why does everything you attack happen to be associated with the left? It's because your overall mindset is that of a primitive neanderthal stuck in the mental ice age of bullshit.

You have no job and know no world other than your parents' basement.

0 points

Drinking only when you are thirsty is enough to keep you hydrated.

But isn't enough to flush your system, which is the actual point to 8 glasses.

We have a lot more, like your ability to balance and spacial awareness.

Which both come from the 5 senses.

1 point

He's a piece of shit. Not even a mother could love him

A Freudian slip from your own relationship to your mother, isn't it Nom? Tell me about your mother.

0 points

Translation: "Here is a list of random names, most of which have not posted anything in months or even years

And how would you know that Nom?

in order to detract attention away from the fact that I am a serial liar

I haven't seen you win even one debate on here yet. The only way that is possible is if you are a pathological liar or just stupid. Probably both.

1 point

What's a nom?

You are a Nom.

Also, I think it's neat I'm part of some sort of puppet account conspiracy. Why am I last though? You should put me on top with bold font.

You don't have enough masculine, testicular fortitude to be on top. Trust me.

I could be the "puppet master" for all you know.

It hardly matters which puppet has its hand up the other puppet's ass.

Also also, more of an ESO type of guy. You should come and join, it's a fun MMO.

It's why you're poor and live with your parents still.

0 points

In other words white privilege is another myth the left made up, because if they were privileged, it would be them in these prestigious schools.

Or were you meaning that all of these migrants that vote with liberals weren't actually in poverty, but attended the Harvards and Yales of Mexico and Hondurus? God you're an idiot.

0 points

That's not page one of his waterfall. You lose again. That's what you're good at. Being a loser.

1 point

Marxists don't like fascists.

Marxists are fascists. They do fascist things. They say fascist things.

1 point

You are a self hating white. You hate yourself because you have low self esteem. You need to see the therapist.

2 points

So did half the American presidents in history you fucking halfwit.

Name 22 Presidents that invaded another country.

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Winning Position: Skyrim, Mommy's basement
Winning Position: You did
Winning Position: Proof
Winning Position: Unresolved

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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