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RSS NumberOne

Reward Points:218
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10 most recent arguments.
2 points

I don't recall this ever taking place

That's because narcissists mentally block such events from their memory in order to continue deluding themselves that they are somehow superior to the rest of humanity and never lose debates.

NumberOne(218) Clarified
1 point

I would be interested in discussing any of these further

Translation: I would be interested in lecturing you with long passages of grandiloquent, self-indulgent tripe, which are factually inaccurate and offensive to read.

1 point

Yes, and we know where you would fit in

By "we", do you mean "I"?

Nobody elected you spokesperson. The last time I handed your ass to you in a debate I was bombarded with false, infantile attacks against my character and my beliefs for over three weeks, you ridiculous Janus-faced hypocrite.

1 point

Me and Mathfan are the only people here who lack major points of retardation.


Mathfan and I.

0 points

Why can't we just stop talking about Nomenclature or excon or Brontoraptor or anybody?

Because unfortunately the site is dominated by trolls who take the internet much too seriously and actually want to hurt the people they disagree with.

0 points

All Nomenclature does is insult people

No, he explains to you why you are wrong and then he insults you.

However, it is the absolute gospel truth that all you do is open account after account, which you use to troll everybody and everything on the entire site, including -- bizarrely -- your own debates. The rest of us are forced to sit here watching you spam the waterfall with atrocious stupidity which very frequently is not even constructed of words, but rather of random letters repeated over and over again. You agree with people on one account and then two minutes later you troll them on another.

You contribute absolutely nothing to this website which is worth reading and rarely even attempt to debate others. Clearly, FactMachine, you are an extremely lonely individual who has either had some form of nervous breakdown or who suffers from bipolar disorder.

0 points

Great idea, but totally impractical

I understand that Americans rarely use maps, but if you can get over your fear of civilised countries you will find that just about all of them have successfully regulated guns. Just think then, of how redundantly stupid you must seem to me, to sit there attacking the practicality of something which has been done EVERYWHERE EXCEPT YOUR OWN BACKWARD CESSPOOL OF A NATION.

0 points

A blanket banning of guns would be akin to prohibition.

Yes, because shooting people is as morally justifiable as having a beer.

You're a fucking IDIOT.

0 points

Marcus has provided arguments

No he hasn't, you pathetic troll. He denied that the primary purpose of guns is killing people. That is not an argument. That is a revision of reality.

You are a shockingly hateful little troll. Your determination to attack me inevitably leads to you defending stupidity.

3 points

Repeating an ineffective attempt at an insult does not improve its effectiveness

Marcus, if you weren't so arrogant then you would understand you are not the judge and juror of the effectiveness of anything. Indeed, you would understand that you are not the judge and juror of what is an insult and what is merely factual.

The fact of the matter is that you are denying basic fundamental reality because of stupid ideology you have been brainwashed with. Nobody is interested in reading your 6,000 word posts which begin with you redefining the basic purpose of weapons, and nobody is interested in your embarrassing attempts to be witty.

Your arrogance is like a shield that protects you from the knowledge of how incredibly stupid you are.

About Me

I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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