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RSS Oceaneer

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2 points

Alright Nomenclature, here is Dualism.

I banned your 'first form' and your secondary 'dual' form is now getting banned too.

Banning someone because they have a superior argument defeats the entire purpose of debating. You are just here to troll because you are an immature child who is starved of attention.

If you type it in bold, italics and underlined it won't make anything I've argued any less accurate.

He had already disproved the "accuracy" of what you said in the very post you replied to!! You ignored his explanation and repeated the same false premise!! You have given no reasoning why you believe free will cannot exist in a state of duality and he gave good reasoning why it can. All you have done is make an arbitrary claim in response to sound reasoning.

Time is a factor of our universe, and it has a specific direction. Time is not a factor outside our universe, and hence all events must be viewed simultaneously, whether past, present or future. This precludes free will for an observer living outside space-time, but it does not preclude free will for an observer living within space-time.

You're an idiot and a troll. You belong in Kindergarden, not on a debating site.

1 point

Judging by the sheer volume of Conservative shills who have turned up in this thread it is either true or a masterful troll. Either way I'm giving you the thumbs up.

1 point

Well corporal punishment is to aggressive

Too aggressive. There's no excuse for bad grammar.

1 point

You must really have no life

Everybody on this entire website knows that you operate half a dozen sock accounts and use them to upvote your own bullshit. The very fact that you are telling tales on others for what you KNOW FULL WELL you are more guilty of than anyone, shows that you are a spineless, dishonest little weasel who shouldn't be pissed on should he catch fire.

1 point

Commanded to ignore its commands.

LOL. So God commanded you to ignore all of God's commands?

Ahahahahahahahaha! You are utterly pathetic. Please show exactly where the New Testament specifically says, "Ignore all commands in the Old Testament". You are a lying, deceiving piece of shit.

2 points

Hard working people make choices in life.

Here's the thing. Everybody has to make choices in life, not just "hard working people". Your language is stupid because you are constantly trying to find a vocabulary which justifies your false belief that "hard working" people succeed, while "lazy" people don't. The fact of the matter is that the laziest people in American society are the sons and daughters of billionaires, who have enough money to do whatever they want, and who force the rest of society to work much harder to compensate for the impact their capital has on the economy. That's your American dream, and you are just another robotic, brainwashed little retard that has been taken in by it.

1 point

Food insecure? LOL, that is called any able bodied person who does not work.

And you think that's funny? Do you think there are enough jobs to provide every able bodied person with work you fucking dumb piece of shit?

There are 43 million Americans who are living below the poverty threshold. Half of the entire American population is classed as on a poor or low income. There are 2.8 million CHILDREN in America who live on less than two dollars a day.

And your solution is what? To sneer at them and tell them to get jobs?

You are a stupid, obnoxious little cunt without the capacity for intelligent thought.

1 point

If he did NOTHING else, he brought us universal health care.. It's something 5 previous Democratic presidents COULDN'T do

That's the only thing he got done, and he had to gut his original proposal just to get that through. Obama was a nothing President. It's not that he was bad. It's that he did nothing to make the American system fairer. He bailed out the banks, he continued the aggression in the Middle East and he did nothing to bring the previous administration to justice. He did zip. Obama literally was the token black guy.

1 point

I have seen many a site where most people assume you to be American and are very surprised when they find out you aren't because "everyone's American on the Internet".

So true. The only way to sustain the insanity of the American system has been to insulate it from the rest of the world. America is like a world within a world.

1 point

In a manner of speaking, yes. Whatever the original source of biological life may or may not be, it proliferates itself by seeding planets in much the same way a tree seeds the area around it. There is very little scientific evidence about where life on Earth came from exactly, but all of it points towards panspermia.

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