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RSS OmegaPan

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

So how do all of those millions of Muslims voting Democrat feel about gay people excon?

I'm on the right, and have no problem with gay people. Why is that do you think? In real life I've never met a conservative that hates gay people.

Trump even waved the lgbtq rainbow flag and spoke in support of them at his rallies.

1 point

Because groups that have been victims or convinced of victimhood become liberals.

1 point

2 or 3 terms would be good. These people are just becoming experts at partisan games and tricks.

1 point

Then you created all of the American imperialism and bombings, invasions that you constantly bicker on about? Good of you to admit it.

3 points
1 point

Muslims hate gays. Liberals love Muslims. Gays are down pretty low on the liberal list of concerns. Almost dead last.

1 point

Way to go NKJV. Welcome to the party.*

1 point

Are Demorats really this dumb? Yeah, he thinks Obama really is Sauron.

1 point


Looks like you've proven the very point of the debate.

1 point

The central theme of the Democrat Party is complete control by any means neccessary. Demonizing and destroying any group that gets in their way and allying with any group that serves their purpose is their primary tool. It's why they can switch schools of thought on a dime.

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