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RSS OmegaPan

Reward Points:257
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1 point

Yep, it always helps make jobs diverse when women actually apply for the jobs. It's quite magical. Is it sexist that women aren't doing construction jobs, or do women just not want to do construction jobs?

Can I be in pharmaceutical sales? Of course not. Why? We both know why.

Supporting Evidence: 5 job titles that are female (
2 points

Great. I'd like for you to pop out a baby and give it milk from your mammary glands. I will also be taking some of your ovarian eggs for a sample.

And if you are a woman, run the 100 meters in 10 seconds.

2 points

You aren't allowed to challenge a rabid liberal priest's orthodoxy. What's amazing is they act like it isn't a religion while claiming fairy tales and ignoring science to validate their beliefs.

1 point

Don't give them any ideas. They'll be coming for your butter knives next if they think an eye could be lost somehow. You want a peanutbutter sandwich? Too bad. You might poke an eye out.

0 points

What has changed since the musket? If there are laser guns in the future, can we have them, or does a totalitarian regime get to phaser us?

1 point

When you have the leverage, you don't do the giving up. Did Obama give up our nukes in the Iran Deal?

1 point

Saying Russia Collusion for a year and a half without producing even a candy bar wrapper for evidence, and Mueller even stating that he had given up on it, is fake news.

1 point

You've been looping "Russian collusion" since I've been here. So show one shred of evidence for it, or your opponent is right.

OmegaPan(257) Clarified
1 point

I bet. We both know that Conservatives continue to not riot, not shout down liberals, not censor liberals, and be peaceful while the left gathers thousands and millions to purposefully be violent and stop conservative speech. The right keeps moving left. You demonizing them is insane. The right is more liberal today than it has ever been. The left is LESS liberal than it has ever been. As a matter of fact it's not liberal at all. It's Stalinist. There's not a damn thing that is liberal about the current Democratic Party. The left has moved so far left that it circled around to being the twin brother of the far right. The problem is, it's the majority of your party, not a fringe group.

1 point

Maybe you should have seeing Obama dropped more bombs than all Presidents since WW2 combined.

Supporting Evidence: Obama bombs (

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