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RSS PatCondell

Reward Points:6
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1 point

Do You Believe In Ghosts?

It doesn't mean you have to believe they are the spirits of dead people. Do you believe in them in any capacity?

Have you ever had a ghostly experience you can't explain?

The not a spirit ghost. Look at this retard's logic.

1 point

It's so cute that you literally have no idea how much of an imbecile you are.

Only bloody faggots speak like this. Are you a bloody dick sucker?

0 points

Nope, I was raised to be a Christian. Not my fault I developed common sense somewhere around age seven

& there it is. The bloody Yank stopped being able to think nonlinearly at age 7. You must be a damn brain surgeon. Thank goodness you aren't. A lot of brains would suffer.

Atheism is the denial of your own baseless claims about the origin of the universe

It's being stupid enough to take a hard stance on an issue you couldn't possibly have the answer to.

1 point

It looks as if this guy thinks those crossing the border from the South are coming with degrees from Harvard.

I find it laughable that they say voter IDs suppress votes while telling everyone how intelligent their base is.

1 point

Well, non-college educated white men voted heavily for Trump, sooooo

The "uneducated" conservatives that liberals make less money than on average. It must be those excellent educations. Everyone knows that a conservative education in robotics, machining, CNC programming, etc is not considered a college education by the left. A liberal arts degree that pays nothing is.

1 point

I've seen candidates own the early ballots then get destroyed on voting day.

1 point

It appears that not all Americans are the stupid self hating, bloody wankers they appear to be.

0 points

I agree, Marxists are stupid

The looney tune in need of a therapist finally got one.

1 point

I remeber back in the days when trolls were actually funny.

2 points

Rather than berate socialism all day with typically fallacious reasoning (and of course outright lies) how about you righties actually do something productive and tell us what other options we have?

You are looking at a civilization built on capitalism that is the richest in human history. That's your answer. Now quit trying to change it to Communism, which is the most failed system in modern human history concerning freedom & liberty, right there next to Sharia Law.

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