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RSS PatCondell

Reward Points:2
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1 point

I remeber back in the days when trolls were actually funny.

2 points

Rather than berate socialism all day with typically fallacious reasoning (and of course outright lies) how about you righties actually do something productive and tell us what other options we have?

You are looking at a civilization built on capitalism that is the richest in human history. That's your answer. Now quit trying to change it to Communism, which is the most failed system in modern human history concerning freedom & liberty, right there next to Sharia Law.

1 point

I'm a liberal. Conservatism and liberalism are broad concepts. Marxism is a specific concept.

1 point

Socialism is Marxism disguised as liberalism and is not sustainable. It's a carrot on a stick used by Marxists to rile up the masses to reak chaos on the system. They know it can't be paid for long term. Marxists want the system to crash. They do this by trying to destroy the family, destroy religion, and destroy the financial system by mindless spending into bankruptcy.

1 point

You can keep your doctor Fungus. And we'd be one of the biggest Muslim countries. (In reality, you'd be the 58th biggest out of 60)

2 points

I'm going to sit here in my European country as it's taken over by fascist Muslims who refuse to assimilate and breed like roaches because liberals are self hating, brainless neanderthals.

2 points

You were looking at his mouth? Why you dirty little bastard. Come look at my mouth.

2 points

That you still haven't provided one shred of evidence for because you're a theist.

1 point

How many puppets do you have Quantumhead? You've ruined the site you bloody wanker!

1 point

Looks like you and CNN were wrong.........................

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Winning Position: too brown to speak against

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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