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RSS Pedestrian

Reward Points:77
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Pedestrian(77) Clarified
2 points

What concerns you has been going on for millenia. What about it ?

You should state your own 'new' marriage policy and tell your state govt., the major govt. that sanctions marriage.

1 point

Is this from the OK. chamber of commerce ? Nice pics though. I'll put OK down for my retirement country cruise all around the country visiting all of the greasy spoon, stuff floating on my coffee restaurants.

1 point

Filling in to get this in.....

Well now we know what you...want to believe.

1 point

In an honest admin. Barr does nothing. If he steps in, then the fix is in and we'll see the first successful Russian inspired digital coup as allowed by the the US senate.

Once again, the American people must reply upon an honest court to reveal to the public the complete corruption of the trump admin.

Why shouldn't Putin feel that US elites being a bunch of greedy power hungry capitalists, the republican party couldn't also be bought by him and his oligarchs just as corps. buy republican's profitable policies.

Having million$ even billion$ of free speech [sic] in the bank to speak very loudly for the opulent few, is the American way now.

1 point

What world have you been watching ? There is a mountain of evidence of collusion and many other crimes. People do not plead guilty and get prison time without compelling evidence.

Mueller report in its entirety should be made public. If not, then this admin. really has something more to hide. Oh and Jeff Sessions was also 'trump's' AG

1 point

Adding so I get this through, but AH go on...they all say that.

2 points

Yea, so what ? First there is way too much emphasis given to the DOW, it being only 30 stocks out of 1000s. Second, [it] has companies weighted according to certain criteria.

For example: 28 stocks in the DOW can remain unchanged or even go down while McDonalds and Walmart only, do go up, often moves the whole DOW up.

Furthermore 90% of stocks are owned by about 10-15% of the people. So the benefit to society at large is very little.

1 point

Never heard of subsequent fetishization of the day-dream of a collective conscience, is exactly why collectivist attempts decline into centralized tyranny. What follows is then...a strawman: When the reality that people are always individuals and are rarely unanimous dashes collectivist hopes, those with enough strength in numbers will suppress or eliminate dissent as they always have.....

Just what are collectivist hopes?

Pedestrian(77) Clarified
1 point

Hillary is a corrupt bag of shit who has flip flopped on 100s of issues and is far from a social democrat, she was a right winger most of her career and pretends to be a progressive while being nothing but a wall street blow job machine.

Because [she] was and still only at best a suspect but by your terms, a great right wing candidate for the 'Rs,' you must have agreed that she was insufficient as a mere amateur.

So the right went for the real pro scumbag who really knows how and made a career to lie, con and ripoff bankers and contractors. Plus the added gift of the cultivation of Russian oligarch financial backing of the republican party and just screw the US national security interests.

Their platform will be, "Shouldn't the US get along better with Russia ?" Innocent enough hey ?

Pedestrian(77) Clarified
1 point

But wait, socialism usually means you give up a lot of individual freedom. Socialism usually requires authoritarian governments.....


Neither of those are true at all. How is there less freedom and more authoritarianism under socialism ?

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