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RSS Pennywise

Reward Points:29
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10 most recent arguments.
2 points

Shift left? You guys tried to put a full blown Communist in office and continue to bring in Marxists.

2 points

The last guy caught in KKK attire was a Democrat.

1 point

It can't be fixed. The interest alone on the debt is unsermountable. The libs destroyed the country.

1 point

She gets paid to have sex because she's a porn star. Try researching the difference between a porn star and a whore before you open your fat stupid mouth again, you woman-hating loser.


sell one's body, sell oneself

A girl or guy who sleeps with multiple people

-2 points
0 points

Because the left is more tolerant and less bigoted

1 point

This sounds to me like an admittance that Flynn was falsely targeted by the FBI you love all of the sudden.

2 points

His hair didn't fix the economy. When you look for qualities in a President, do you look for results or his hair? I look for results, and we got em.

1 point

To be with the neighbor clown & get neighbor clown wank...............

1 point

Because Obama keep telling us what could not be done, and Trump then does 'what can not be done', like cripple & get to the table with North Korea.

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