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RSS PhoenixHero

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1 point

And this is the highest scoring person on the website? I worry for this world.

1 point

Your logic is sad. People all over the world use iron to build, but imagine a world without spiders. There wouldn't be

1 point

In your dreams maybe. Marvel is superior and always will be!

2 points

Spiderman would totally take this fight. Lets face it, Spiderman is awesome.

1 point

Remember, the USSR and Japan fought it out in 1939. The Soviets were victorious.

WHAT! Soviets lost twice the number the Japs did. They lost nearly half their territory in Korea. And the war ended because the RUSSIANS asked U.S.A. to settle a treaty. What are you reading for history books?

1 point

Their only main contribution was the Pacific fronts, otherwise Britain and France could have managed without them.

... France was dead. There wasn't much they could to there.... And Britain could not have done it on their own.

1 point

YES. Someone else who realizes how awesome Finland was! You are now awesome.

1 point

Aside from the fact that nearly the entire country was starving, Stalin was killing everyone who greediness with him, and it crumbled from within.......Aside from that, it sounds great!

1 point

that's why many try to implement things like school prayer, etc.

YOU IDIOT! Republicans are not trying to IMPLEMENT school prayer, Democrats are trying to remove it! School prayer has been around since the beginning of this country! It has always been that way. But because like three people were offended, we must change the entire religious liberty definition!

2 points

Have you even looked at the death toll Assad is responsible for? He is a dictator willing to do anything to keep his power.

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About Me

Biographical Information
Name: Aiden Phoenix
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Religion: Christian-other

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