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RSS PhotonDragon

Reward Points:217
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10 most recent arguments.

No. I don't, and I understand that, so now even when I do tell the truth its a "lie". I understand. You don't have to believe me at all, but this is all I can really say.

Im sure if I have to go to the office.

They track you? If you use their computers they can track you. Its not that hard.

My school districy issues Mac PC to their student since we have a small population. Of this laptop all you have to do is install a proxy browser and a VPN from a flashdrive and your done. I don't own any other electronics. Why do you think I have to confess? Would I honestly give up that easily? You should know by now that I would have found a way to wiggle out. I can't do anything else.

No. School did. Someone told someone else and he school got word of it. I got an email tonight saying I have to report to the office.

Im dead serious. Why do you think I have to leave. Wouldn't I have put up a fight like I did before? I sent you a message about it. I can't really lie when I'm already being monitored.

No. I can't. After tonight I'm suspended and obviously grounded. I'm sure I can't be back even if I wanted to.

I meant outside of the site. Of course thats my account too, but I'm already got suspended for doing this at another school. Did it again, now the school knows. How do I know? Well we have school emails. I got one saying that I gotta confess tomorrow to the people I used. Could be suspended again. Caught twice.

No. That would be retarded....jk. I might have to since I'm being ratted out.

About Me

"Huge Rafael Nadal fan. I like debating and staying chill."

Biographical Information
Name: Rafael Nadal
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: United States
Education: In College

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