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RSS Polaris95

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1 point

If one of them wants to pay for the whole dinner, that's fine. I'm just saying that it shouldn't be only one gender who does that. Any supporter of gender equality would probably agree with me.

1 point

Why? They should each pay their own bills. Sure, one of the partners can help the other, if s/he's in a bad situation financially, but don't label which gender should do so, because that is inherently sexist.

1 point

Age, nutrition, fitness, their upbringing and other factors also contribute a lot. An average, fit 20 year-old woman with a good diet, would probably be stronger than the average 70 year-old man for instance.

1 point

In general, men are physically stronger. It think the gap is closing a bit, but men are still on average, stronger than women. But it depends. These are just generalisations. If you picked ten men at random and ten women at random, and paired one to the other, I'm sure a few of the women would be stronger than their partners in the test.

1 point

Patriotism isn't biological, it's just a form of blind stupidity.

3 points

The thing is, he is a dictator. He imprisons the leaders of the opposition, so he can keep on getting re-elected. Russia is an oligarch nation, not a democratic one. He isn't standing up for democracy, he's fighting against it. And the homosexuality laws he has there are oppressive and stupid.

Polaris95(151) Clarified
1 point

By American standards, almost every European politician is left-wing.

3 points

There are many different possible outcomes. An optimistic one would be that in 50 years we now have a stronger alliance between nations, resulting in less wars and conflict. Most cars would run on electricity, and good education would become more available in developing nations. There would also be much better healthcare in poor countries, and cures might be found for many diseases, possibly cancer. However, this is just an optimistic view. Thinking negatively, overpopulation would run rampant across the globe. Everywhere would be hugely crowded, and poverty would be widespread. With too many people, the world becomes polluted, and it would be advisory to wear a mask outside (toxic gases). If nuclear war comes to pass, then that would be the end as we know it. Crime would be at immense rates, and education will be scarce.

It could go either way. I'm hoping it will turn out well, but you can never be sure. People like Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump could end the world at the press of a button.

1 point

1. You shouldn't instantly factor out the child here. I'm fine with abortion, as long as it's in the early stages of pregnancy. If you wait 8 months, and then say you want an abortion, is a definite no-go. You can't just wait until the fetus has already developed into a baby. But if you decide to have an abortion, it should be the woman's choice. The father of the child gets a say, but in the end, the mother should decide. The fetus is in her womb after all.

0 points

He was a poster on this site. He's been inactive lately, but many think he's been using sock accounts. Almost every new poster with socialist ideas will most probably be branded as a Nomenclature puppet, but I find it quite hard to believe he actually has 150 alt accounts in the site.

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