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RSS Polaris95

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1 point

The murderers and law-breakers of our Earth. Hey, Mars can be our new Australia!

Polaris95(38) Clarified
1 point

What is so wicked about music? Is it really a sin to rock? If it is, well that might just be the stupidest sin I've ever heard of.

1 point

And I won't bow to yours. Simple. And If you are offended by my "hostility", then whine about it all day long. I couldn't care less.

1 point

I agree with your points, but if it were complete anonymity, then you wouldn't be able to ally with people and so on. Good idea though. :-)

1 point

They just want to make music, and entertain our ears. Why the hate?

Queen, U2, Nirvana, The Eagles, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple.....

1 point

If he is swearing to uphold the constitution, then shouldn't it be that way? Honestly, not everyone believes everything the Bible says. They should swear on the constitution instead. Though I do like Grenache's response on the topic ;-)

3 points

I wouldn't say to ban it, but using it as an insult is useless. Because we don't swear, or try to insult other race groups and so on isn't a bad thing. I'm fine with people being outspoken about things, and not caring if it insults some people's beliefs, but because other people don't, doesn't mean they are inferior. There is nothing wrong in identifying as PC. I don't because you should stand up for what you believe in, whether some people think differently. I just don't try to insult people on purpose.

2 points

Yes. I refrain from watching sports like boxing, wrestling, etc. Not only is it barbaric, but it's very dangerous too. I'm fine with judo, karate and other martial arts, because they're made for the express purpose of self-defence. And of course there's the rabid fanbase as well. It's good entertainment, but so were the gladiatorial games. It's similar when you think of it.

Polaris95(38) Clarified
1 point

You are right, but electric cars are the future of automobiles. Europe is embracing it, Japan is embracing it. Why isn't the US? I know we can't force people to change their car right away, but easing in a transition over a period of time would be preferable. By 2040, most people will/should be driving electric cars. I hope people start the initiative to try use more environment-friendly cars, such as hybrids. It's worth a try.

Polaris95(38) Clarified
1 point

Just look at how many people roam the streets of New York. There's just way too many people. And because overpopulation isn't that big of a problem in America, doesn't mean it is not a problem elsewhere. Major cities in China have an annual population growth rate of 10%. Shanghai is experiencing a lot of smog over it's skyscrapers. India is flowing with people. Mexico City is growing exponentially. We do have an overpopulation problem.

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