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RSS Qmarie37

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1 point

I don't think it's completely necessary to write out every word. But I am absolutely tired of people using improper grammar. Whether it be on the internet, or on television, or on the radio, it had become ridiculously common these days for people to abuse the English language by not following even the simplest elementary grammar rules. For instance, the other day i was watching a national news station (NBC, I believe) and a man was reporting the weather, talking about how it was "raining heavy in Chicago." Interesting. And pitiful. If a man can go through American school systems, American universities and get a journalism degree, can he please learn to use adverbs? So yes, proper English needs to become much more common in the television and internet worlds.

4 points

No way. Freedom of speech in and of itself arose from the ideals of the founding fathers of America so that people wouldn't have to worry about being looked down upon or even punished for offending someone. Being PC is not something that should ever get in the way of our inalienable rights; besides, some would say that such attention shouldn't be paid the offense of other people anyway.

2 points

Of course; right now the government is spending money on many less productive things. And stem cell research is very promising. But embryonic stem cell research is different. Not only is it morally wrong because it destroys human life, but there is a significant lack of evidence that it will even be as productive as adult stem cell research, which for years has been used to succesfully treat such deadly diseases as leukemia.

Supporting Evidence: Adult stem cell research and leukemia (
0 points

Marijuana is a gateway drug. Not only is it very easy to obtain, but being in a public high school, I for one hear all the time that it's not bad for you, that it won't hurt you, its cheap, and why not do it, everybody does...etc. So it's easy to get and tempting to do (if you don't know the truth about it), and the Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University found teens who smoke pot to be 85x more likely to smoke cocaine than teens who didn't.

Supporting Evidence: Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University (
1 point

It's way too early to tell...the Red Sox don't seem to have what it takes this year, they always start out well but my guess is that they cool down as the year goes on. Then there are the new teams, Rays, Nationals anyone? I doubt it, but wouldn't be surprised if they made the playoffs. They've got talent. So do the Yankees, if they can get all their players healthy and producing, they have a great chance at No. 27. The Indians, as always, are close contenders with their excellent pitching.

1 point

No way. As if the educational and even career-related benefits of being African-American aren't already enough, and it is absolutely unnecessary. No one still alive was enslaved in America. Their children are also gone, and the effects of slavery are absolutely and positively minuscule.

2 points

Right on. If individuals choose to give to charities, then good for them, and they should have each and every right to do so. But as far as public health assistance, we don't get it here (we don't need it here), and we as a country should not force taxpayers for the Africans to get it there. Last time I checked, charity was meant to be done on an individual basis. And America does not need to spend any more money than it already if our government isn't in debt enough! And there are much, much more important issues that must be taken care of here before we increase our overseas endeavors.

4 points

The outsourcing of American jobs to foreign countries cannot possibly be good for our economy. Taking jobs away from well-educated Americans and giving them to well-educated people of India, just because the people of India are willing to work for less, is not the right way to handle this situation. The only people that such outsourcing benefits are the already-wealthy corporate businessmen of America, and it takes away opportunities for honest, hard-working Americans to get a good job. Certainly, if the workforce is not available in the US, then the people of India should be given the opportunities. But American-based companies serving America should first turn to the American people for their workforce. The unemployment rate is more important than the salaries of corporate tycoons.

2 points

Exactly! I definitely agree! Country is so American! It's the music of the people, with the people's stories at the very foundation of the lyrics...the style is perfectly natural becuase it exemplifies the american ideal and combines folk with classic rock. Country is romantic, realistic, people's music, and it's the best ever!

0 points

Au contraire, I believe you are the one that needs to do your research. If you deny the fact that the extremist government in Iran is worthy of being called a terrorist regime, you should be the one to look on Google for a few things. The military coup carried out by the CIA on the Shah of Iran was not only 50 years ago, but perhaps you have forgotten about the revolution that occured there in 1979 overthrowing the U.S.-friendly Shah and establishing a radical extremist government bent against all western civilization. Want evidence? Go fill up on gas. Iran is known for its advocation of increasing the price of crude oil to countries like the U.S., unlike Saudi Arabia, which actually advocates keeping the prices nearer where they need to be. And as far as occupying their holy land and destabalizing their governments, I believe that I do need some more clarification on that one. Last time I checked, their "holy lands" in the middle east are Mecca, Medina, and Jerusalem, and we are certainly not occupying any of those regions. And all the destabilization going on in the Middle East seems to me to be from radical terrorist groups trying to take over their own countries.

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