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RSS Quantumhead

Reward Points:256
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10 most recent arguments.

What is wrong with you mouth breathing neanderthals? Do you think there are only 6 countries in the whole world? I doubt you could even name 10 principles that America was founded on and yet we have to list to you assholes constantly ramble on about your fake patriotism bullshit. You would be more at home in Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany. There you can solute on command and be sent to prison for bad mouthing your country or its dear leader. Grow a brain and\or a spine you fascist sheep.

Absolutely this.

As Einstein once remarked: "Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind."

Lincoln cannot be linked to the modern progressive

False. He has been.

whose philosophy post-dates Lincoln

Bullshit. All trees start from a seed.

In other news from Amarel: American law makes war 3,000 miles away legal, UN personnel told to favour domestic law over international law, and failing to break Geneva Conventions proves they have no jurisdiction. Yay!

Hi Ex,

Do you have any idea why these dribbling buffoons are finding it so difficult to tell the difference between an abstract set of mathematical instructions and a physical protein? It's getting frustrating being assaulted by such overwhelming ignorance. I never figured atheists to be as wilfully ignorant as religious folk, but I am rapidly rethinking this position partner.

I produced two specific posts. Both clearly refuting your position by explaining that the genetic code does not require intelligence.

No, you are a delusional twat who doesn't understand the difference between DNA and the genetic code. You have refuted nothing except your own credibility as a commenter.

The second is specifically about what qualities of DNA exist that obfuscate its origin when you're talking about "codes"

This sentence makes no sense, precisely the same as the one I just asked you to clarify. What evidence have you provided that the "qualities of DNA" "obfuscate its origin" (hint: none!) and what the fuck does that have to do with refuting the assertion that the genetic code required intelligence to create? You are speaking literal fucking nonsense and hoping nobody notices by pasting it together with synonyms from Thesaurus.Com. Idiot.

Both these posts were highly detailed, and contained conclusions that were justified throughout.

You are myth building. If you had done as you claimed you would have no problem repeating your "highly detailed" refutations so I could address them. Unfortunately, you are just a lying clown with no life and too much time on your hands.

You're reply here

So let me get this straight. You expect people to believe you know what the word "obfuscate" means, but in fact you do not understand the most fundamental syntax, such as the difference between "your" (i.e. the possessive pronoun) and "you're" (i.e. the contraction of "you" and "are")?

Nothing you have said is true. You are a fucking idiot without an argument. Go away.

For not explicitly establishing your argument.

It isn't my fault you can't read, you stupid troll.

(in Christianity and other monotheistic religions) the creator and ruler of the universe and source of all moral authority

I do not believe the designer rules the universe and I do not believe morality even exists in the objective sense.

You are an idiot. Fuck off.

Alright mate.Is is a sole question of common sense. If you say that Conservitives are retarded it is like saying that all Liberal's are retarded,all black people are retarded,all Russians are retarded.

Well, no. If you want to invoke common sense then generalisations are a necessity because they enable us to say black people are black, Russians speak Russian etc...

You never stated it clearly this way.

Oh, so it's my fault you deliberately misinterpreted my argument is it? Jolly good. Except if there were any confusion you could have simply asked for clarification instead of inventing your own false version of what I said.

The main bases of the video was to prove first that there is a designer(God) in science.

The words designer and God are not interchangeable you gigantic fuckwit. That's the entire basis of my argument.

You're retarded. Please go away.

Quantumhead(256) Clarified
3 points

Yes the 1 was placed in error.

You make these errors frequently and they are usually followed by some sort of profanity, curse or personal attack.

You clearly have an unhealthy obsession with me

You might actually believe that, but as we have already established your mind is riddled with errors.

As baiting parasites such as you is part of the pleasure I derive from this site

That's really clever of you. You bait people to call you out on your stupidity by saying really stupid stuff. They are helpless in your cunning plan to expose your own retardation.

Quantumhead(256) Clarified
1 point

You're entitled to your opinion and it isn't a crazy one

That's comforting. Thanks.

And others have given better scientific explanations already.

Could you please link them? Assuming you are implying they disprove the assertion.

1) Many many ways our code fails people and makes them sick or vulnerable?

The code does not "fail". Mortality has nothing to do with the genetic code so this is a total misinterpretation of science. A species' biological aim is survival and in achieving this biology has provided two options: immortality or reproduction. When a species adopts the latter it must necessarily kill off the old models to make room for the new improved versions. This process is called evolution and throughout it the genetic code remains stable and unchanged.

2) Rival and predatory creatures and code programming which can take us out?

Pardon me, but precisely what the fuck do "predatory creatures", which use the precise same genetic code we do, have to do with the genetic code?

3) Such a long long history in which genetic code was all about bacteria or plants or simpler organisims instead of us?

Again, this has nothing to do with the genetic code. Your question is like asking why, after humans invented Morse Code, were the first thousand messages less than a hundred characters in length? After reading through the first three of your points it appears to me that you may be confusing evolution with the genetic code. The genetic code does not evolve.

4) Very close primate relatives who still can't hold a candle to what we can do?

And whose biology is controlled by the precise same genetic code.

My friend, forgive me, but I do not think you understand the nature of this debate.

If you are not disputing so why are you talking at all?

Are you on the national retard list, pal? I did not say I was not disputing. I said I was not disputing that there may have been a designer.

I am disputing that, if there was a designer, it necessarily has to be the biblical God, as implied by the initial debate statement.

If you lack the ability to comprehend the arguments you read then why are you here?

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