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RSS Quantumhead

Reward Points:935
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10 most recent arguments.

Libs can't be Nazis just cause

Not "just cause". Liberalism is -- for all intents and purposes -- the political opposite of Nazism. Your fascist baloney is literally the equivalent of Ted Bundy accusing his trial judge of being a rapist. You sit here all day, every day, attacking the left with complete bullshit and then wonder why you get called a Nazi so often. Seriously?

You know i have never really seen a lefty calling their blue jeans racist have you ?

Why are you even replying to me? Don't you have a banjo duel to go to or something?

No it's all lefty's

OK cool. Show me the general population census you've conducted which supports the claim that everybody on the left wing thinks cotton is racist.

Literally all you do all day every day is lie about the left wing. You are a completely pointless, lying redneck moron.

Only a lefty could come up with a raw cotton display being racist.

Oh right. So now it's only one lefty instead of all of them. Only a moron could fail to maintain a consistent story over the space of three consecutive posts. Consider the case rested.

Quantumhead(935) Clarified
1 point

I didn't make up the nonsense

Yes, you make up every solitary thing you say the left believes. You are a pointless moron and that's a fact.

But why is a raw cotton display so racist to the lefty's ?

But why do you make up nonsense all day and say it's what "lefty's" (sic) believe?

Oh yes, that's right: because you're a moron.

Quantumhead(935) Clarified
1 point

What's next with the idiot lefty's

It's lefties you spectacularly ironic twit. Lefty's would indicate the possessive.

Maybe you should get back to chewing tobacco and raping livestock.

Quantumhead(935) Clarified
1 point

In what specific way?

He just told you that racism in the police force is institutional, which makes it the opposite of specific.

Let's see what some Muslims say on the matter. Kill all atheists and gays?

If people know the following it is very likely they will understand what a bigoted idiot you are:-

!) The Bible commands to kill all atheists and gays.

2) You are a Christian.

No, he is asking if murder logically follows from the given premises

But since the "given premises" (paraphrased) were: would you murder your own son to save him from an imaginary place of suffering invented by an ancient cult, then the reply you should have given was YES. Why is it so difficult for you to agree with me? If I've left a bitter taste in your mouth then you should probably get some counselling.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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