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RSS Quantumhead

Reward Points:822
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10 most recent arguments.
2 points

Playing puppet master again eh nom? You should pm me some more pretending to be Darth Sidious.

I have never private messaged you on any account, ever, you mad twit. I want to be as far away from you as possible because you are crazy. If I saw you on the street I would turn around and run in the opposite direction.

3 points

You dumb shit, banks could ALWAYS take back collateral in case of borrower default

He never argued otherwise. He said that deregulating the banks caused them to give out subprime mortgages to high-risk applicants. He's right because that is exactly what happened.

2 points

You should reference fact rather than fiction. North Korea may be a better example. If you want to know if that place is peaceful, just ask any North Korean.

Lol. And how many North Koreans have you ever spoken to, you massive hypocrite? You talk about the difference between fact and fiction and then in your very next breath arbitrarily decide the opinion of North Koreans.

Most North Koreans will tell you that they live in the best country on Earth and that you hate their freedoms, because indoctrination works the same in Korea as it does in the States.

2 points

Except the question of whether these abuses exist (at least on an extensive level) has not been answered.

Yes it has. Guantanamo Bay is in Cuba specifically because it is illegal to torture prisoners on US soil. Not ten days ago I watched a documentary series about Vietnam where ex-soldiers described regular gang rapes and the systematic killing of civilians to satisfy the government's "body count" statistic which was the official basis for how well the war was going. Wikileaks became famous overnight on the back of a video showing a US attack helicopter gunning down Afghan civilians in cold blood.

Hermann Goering proclaimed that although "the people don't want war," they "can always be brought to the bidding of their leaders.

And how exactly do the leaders achieve that without making the people want war?

Remember how beloved the Viet Nam war was?

The Vietnam War had high public approval in its infancy, for exactly the same reason the Iraq War did. The government lied to everyone.

2 points

While tens of millions of it's citizens starved

It seems like you are trying to conflate the Holodomor (a purposeful effort by Stalin to commit genocide) with the actual effects of Soviet Communism on poverty. Liars like you do this a lot. You simply love distorting facts so that they read backwards. Please do explain in detail your theory that taking a country's wealth from the hands of a few select elitists and redistributing it among the entire population causes the population to starve, you idiotic, backward Conservative cretin.

How succesful was the Soviet Union at ending extreme poverty (post-Stalin)?

The short answer is that the Soviet Union was extremely good at eliminating extreme poverty. The long answer is that they were extremely good at eliminating extreme poverty without actually solving it.

I'll be absolutely honest. The constant efforts of Conservatives to turn black into white irritate the living fuck out of me. Everything which is a demonstrable problem with pyramid systems, such as poverty, crime and homelessness, you mythologise to be a product of Communism. You are a lying idiot, Winston. It's as simple as that. Look at your own statistics, not under Stalin, but right now!!

About 15 million children in the United States – 21% of all children – live in families with incomes below the federal poverty threshold, a measurement that has been shown to underestimate the needs of families. Research shows that, on average, families need an income of about twice that level to cover basic expenses

So 15 million children in America are living in extreme poverty at this very moment and you are throwing mud at 1950s Soviet Russia? You are flat out a joke, Winston.

2 points

Bombs can't be used for self-defense.

So I can't booby trap my land to prevent home invaders?

How is it even possible that you can be so stupid? I almost want to perform a case study on you.

-2 points
Quantumhead(822) Clarified
0 points

You are playing yourself as the victim. That is what blacks in America are taught to do

Quit preaching. You're a crazed religious madman. That is what idiots are taught to be in America and you have picked up on it.

The reason the left hates him is due to his completely untouchable debating strategy.

Lmao. His "completely untouchable debating strategy" is to lie more than Adolf Hitler. Trump tells lies faster than it takes fact checkers to prove he's lying. By the time he gets busted for lie number one he's already onto lie number four.

Is it any wonder that people have such contempt for the American right wing, when you openly conflate lying and infantile personal attacks with intellectual debate?

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