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RSS Ramshutu

Reward Points:349
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2 points

When you make an argument, I will destroy it; as normal.

But you and your accounts don't make arguments, you make insinuations and then rely on other people to refute what you are too lazy to argue.

2 points

Excellent, so you agree you support for a charlatan and a clown.

We have progress!

As for the other stuff; quite honestly you didn't get to a lie count of nearly 300 by honestly and rationally interpreting the evidence and determining the likely explanation. Your a propagandist that repeats lies, dishonesty and fake news from non credible news sources.

While I'm sure you would love what you just said to be true; there is a vast, vast gulf between wanting it to be true, and it being true.

1 point


Your accounts appear and post one a time, repeatedly like clock work, one disappears the next appears. You speak the same way, use the same speech patterns, language patterns, derogatory words at the same frequency; start making the same styles of arguments about pretty esoteric things at the same time, you all started complaining at me calling you puppet accounts in the same hour period. You pretty much use the same argument method and tactics, and exactly the same failures of logic.

Every other republican on here does things differently from those same 4 accounts you post from.

So please, just crawl back into that hole :P

1 point

You created outlaw the first time you were banned from DDO.

And the Bronto one around the time I got you permanently banned from DDO maybe the temporary pre ban before that,

Ramshutu(349) Clarified
2 points

As you don't read anything I've ever written you simply repeat yourself so you don't have to deal with anything : how would you know?

Ramshutu(349) Clarified
1 point

If anyone is actually interested in the actual evidence who has a brain and isn't a compulsive liar, I'd be happy to provide it ;)

But yeah you're not fooling anyone.

Ramshutu(349) Clarified
1 point

Pulling $27bn will likely not be enough for any sort of functional wall to actually stop much of anything, and is likely to cause the very types of damage you're trying building the wall to stop.

But hey, it's not like you're a big thinker!

Ramshutu(349) Clarified
1 point

Well we both know it's not a false claim, now I don't expect to even understand what I just said; but is pretty indisputable.

1 point

Well, as what I just is absolutely true: it really does specifically show how deluded you are.

I mean, look the history. Start with the wikipage you posted and didn't read.

It was built over a long period in phases to stop the mongols raiding and attacking. It still didn't prevent them.

1 point

Let's ignore that a wall you can afford won't do any of the things you just said, the money you can spend will be better spent doing other things that better and more positively impact people's lives, mainly because you've grotesquely overstated (or overimplied) the problems.

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Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: United Kingdom
Religion: Atheist
Education: Masters

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