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RSS Ravenspirit

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Agreed... It is highly doubtful that it is just a phase, though; we are seeing more and more of this not just on this site but everywhere. As the title of this view states, it is pathetic.

1 point

Asimov is great, as well as Card. I am also personally fond of John Varley.

1 point

By forcibly removing someone's tubes, you are murdering any future children they might have. See how that works?

2 points

This is fine by choice, like the author of this debate had done, but it is completley and totally wrong for the government to force women who are for abortion to have their tubes removed. While we're at it, let's sterelize their husbands! Pro-life people would better benefit from this, but it is wrong in any case and should never be done to anyone. The government shouldn't have that kind of power, anyway.

1 point

God never gives anyone more than they can handle.

... what about people, children who die from cancer.... do they deserve that, can they handle that? Agreed that everyone else should step up and help these people, considering how uch food goes to waste, but my above point still stands.

1 point

I am personally an atheist, but I don't honestly know about this. Also, more advanced in what? Religion definitely has its social benefits, and some good teachings, but science might be more advanced without Christianity. It really depends on your viewpoint and what we would be more advanced in.

1 point

Adding on to that, there is the age old philisophical debate 'If God is all powerful, then he cannot be all good." God as seen in modern religion is all powerful, and what you said just proves that if he exists, depending on your point of view, he cannot be all good. No one is 100% goo or 100% evil, though some may seem like it.

1 point

Christianity and religion definitely have benefits, but I speak from experience when I say that one is perfectly capable of having a close, loving family when they are, using your derogatory term "Godless." Children shouldn't be forced to go to Church, but they should be educated on all sides of the equation before making up their mind. Religion is just not for some people, and it should be up to a teen whether or not they wish to go to church. Church does have good values for families to benefit from. (most of which, I should add, should just be basic human values)

1 point

WEll, it could go either way. Hiding your true identity is not necessarily devious; some people would like to use an alias so as to avoid attracting attention to their true identity, or they would like their opinions to be credited as much as the next person's. For example, if people on the internet knew my real age, I would be instantly discredited; that is my purpose in using an alias, though I do agree that they are usually unnecessary, especially on debate sites.

1 point

Some adults should be treated like children, and some children should be treated like adults. I speak for myself when I say I now some high (and middle!) school students that are more mature than many people at the head of this country and others. Taking my own age into account, I would say that it really depends on whether they deserve to or not, but generalizations shouldn't be made based on age; not all middle/high school students should be treated like children.

Winning Position: God exists; religion

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Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States

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