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RSS Rawanyasser

Reward Points:13
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1 point

Computers are extremely easier ti find information. In addition , computers provide you with unlimited sources of information and you can find what you're looking for way faster

1 point

Well in my perspective , phones are way better , they are smaller and more portable than computers .added to that , they have hundreds of apps that we use almost everyday . To make it clear , phones are more of a daily use than a computer

1 point

Of course computers are helpful , in fact they are extremely beneficial to our society .to clarify computers saved so much time and effort , in fact computers connected the whole world together

1 point

Actually if only one sport was allowed it will be definitely the most popular sport in the world , "football"

1 point

Well getting a phone is not about the age , it is about responsibility .to say that differently you can find kids under the age of 14 who are responsible and do not spend ages on the phone like some 20 year olds .to conclude if you find your kid mature enough in his/her way of thinking , you can get him/her a phone without hisitation

Rawanyasser(13) Clarified
0 points

To make it clear , a tremendous number of parents push their children to do things for their own good , they mean no harm . My parents push me so hard to study , in my perspective i found it overreacting but in their perspective if i fail , fingers of accusation will be pointed at them for not making me study hard .to sum it all up , it is the parents' role to make you a good person even if it means pushing you too hard .

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Winning Position: Books

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