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RSS RomanGodKing

Reward Points:163
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10 most recent arguments.

Play dice with some friends. Maybe some Texas Hold'em. But mainly dice. And then smoke some weed and stare at my fridge.

I met Aries Spears after a Comedy Jam. I almost got to me Katt Williams.

Kimie "Tatiana/Shaniqua" Noir. Sounds like a good ass name girl. You picked a good one. Lol. Kimie is unique. Does that name mean anything?

Right on bruh. But forreal can you spit? If so hit me wit one of them bruh.

Oh. Lol. My bad bruh. Imma still treat you as if you were black. Like a brotha.

What you know about getting crunk bruh? Are you black too?

Guess that is just me being ignorant. Sorry bout that tho.

Damn. I was finna start hustlin over there. I just never knew black people lived there

Lol. Just YOLO that bitch. Alright my nigga. Imma try that too. Tired of religion.

Black people live in Denmark? Forreal dawg? Is weed legal there?

Displaying 2 most recent debates.

Winning Position: Agree
Winning Position: The Christian God is confusing

About Me

"If you want to know something ask. If not then dont bother looking her any longer."

Biographical Information
Name: Ceaser Augustus
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Religion: Other

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