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1 point

I'm confused. How does what you said relate to how the Bible is accurate?

1 point

Yes, the Bible is accurate. If you were to see copies of the original manuscripts you would find that each of them were copied with extreme accuracy. The huge number of the copied manuscripts is also a good argument here. 10,000 manuscripts of the Old Testament alone were found in the Cairo Geniza. Another 600 manuscripts of the OT were found in Qumran. If you look at the New Testament, you will find that there are nearly 5,700 manuscripts. This is huge compared to other works, which are listed here.

Plato-7 manuscripts

Herodotus- 8 manuscripts

Homer- 643 manuscripts (This is largest number of ancient manuscripts that we have today.)

Considering the numbers here, the Bible is definitely accurate. There is a very slim chance that there are any errors in the Bible except for some typos and the occasional missed word since there is such a large amount of ancient manuscripts, which were copied down with extreme accuracy and preciseness.

SC17(25) Clarified
2 points

Just because the scientific community rejects intelligent design doesn't mean it's false. A majority can be wrong sometimes.

1 point

Evolution and Creation have one thing in common, they can't be proven and both are matters of faith alone.

1 point

These scandals should get Obama out of office really. All of these scandals are impeachable offenses and are good reasons for impeachment.

0 points

First off, what you just said wasn't even a real argument; it was more of an attack than anything. Also, what you just said simultaneously makes you and your cause look bad.

Now, Shemael is right here; you will be going to hell if you don't repent. If you do repent, I guarantee that it will be life-changing. If you want some evidence, look at Lee Stroble, author of The Case for Christ. He was an atheist like you and managed to find reasonable proof for the existence of God. I would recommend getting that book if you're still debating on whether God exists or not.

1 point

I'll have to agree with GuitaristDog here. In fact, he took the words right out of my mouth really. If we try to push gun control on the Dems, let alone anyone, then we will really be no better than them.

SC17(25) Clarified
1 point

There really isn't a passage or verse that condemns it, however it's understood that adding mystical forms of worship is against God. Worship is meant to be a time of fellowship and praise towards God. If you spend time doing all of these rituals and have a mystical feeling you think is worship, then you might want to look at how Christians worshiped God in the NT and see if that helps. Just remember that worship is time with God that is not to be wasted in rituals (what I mean by rituals here means any form of mystical pagan worship). Its OK to add to your worship, just as long as your worship still honors God after the changes you make.

1 point

There are many reasons for Catholicism not being Christian. First of all, the church has many pagan practices. The Bible says nothing about nuns being a part of the church; however it was a form of the vestal virgins of Rome many years before Christ. The Bible says nothing about using a crucifix when worshiping Him; however the Chaldean Tau, also in the shape of the cross was used hundreds of years before Christ. Prayers for the dead were never mentioned in the Bible; however, they were used in Chinese ancestor worship hundreds of years before Christ (although 2 Mac. 12:45 promotes this practice, it is an apocryphal book made at a time when the Lord's prophetic wisdom left Israel. Because of this, 2 Mac or any other apocryphal book is to really be trusted for this since they aren't part of the Bible)

Another reason that Catholicism isn't Christian is that they themselves contradict the Bible. Jesus tells us in Matt 23:9 not to call anyone on earth our father; however, the priest and pope are called by that title. Paul tells us in 1 Timothy 4:1-3 that abstaining from a certain number of foods and the forbidding of marriage are demonic practices.

A third reason for Catholicism not to be Christian is their use of traditions. In the Catholic church, traditions are on equal ground with the Bible. While traditions are OK, they are to be neither on equal ground with the Bible nor higher in authority than the Bible. The heavy use of traditions was what the Pharisees and Sadducees practiced. It was because of the idea of traditions being higher than the Bible that caused them to oppose and kill Jesus.

I can name many more reasons for Catholicism not to be Christian, but I don't think I can fit them all here. Also take note that while Catholicism isn't Christian, there are some Catholics who have a legitimate relationship with Christ. Mother Theresa is an example of this.

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"Very strong Christian and Republican Can make interesting debates over many subjects"

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Name: William 
Gender: Male
Age: 22
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Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Religion: Protestant
Education: High School

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