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RSS SaintWithin

Reward Points:23
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3 points

These kids need real intervention. Society is trying to tell them its cool to change your identity and pretend to be something your not. Kids have been doing this since I was little, just back then it wasnt about gendr

SaintWithin(23) Clarified
1 point

ZIt was just an accident. To me it means that there is pureness in everyone, and thart everyone can let that part of them come out if they come to the lord

1 point

Both of you HAVE given me a hard time! I don't need your apologies, if you are unchrist like than you just are. It'd not me who will be passing judgement on you in the end, I just expected more support from other believers. I don;'t have to admit anything to you. You attack my name and profile because you can't actually give me a reason why you're so awful to everyone. you're using a scapegoat!

1 point

I wouldn't call his church witchcraft somply because it is more accepting than most. That is how my church is. It gets more people n the door to hear the good word.

1 point

Just becuase language changes doen't mean the message of Jesus isn't the same. The bible is a living book. It's word transcends the material world! I shouldn't have to convince another christian og this!

1 point

I used to be a much worse person when I was in my early teens I smoke and drank and ignored jesus. I pushed people out and denied the Truth, but my heart and mind WERE opened! I have changed, and I know all of you can too

1 point

Saintnow has only been hostile tward me, him and fromwithin, Where I come from we are more accepting of ther denominational christians

1 point

I teach in a foursquare church. We are tolerant of many denominations and make an point to emphasize the work of christ

1 point

You have no reason to attck me like this! Yes my name is chad, it's common here in the states I don't know where you come from but I don't really care

1 point

You have to understand that language changes over time. I have no problem with how the living word is presented, so long as it is true to Christ. My parents are Catholic and Lutheran, so I was raised in a mixed cristianity home and understand that people come to Jesus on their own personal path. Stop calling me a fake. I'm just as christian as you are, and you're being very unchristly in attacking me for which bibles I read

About Me

"Youth pastor, Disciple, Believer."

Biographical Information
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Religion: Christian-other

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