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RSS ScoobyDoo

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2 points

Attacks come from insecure and jealous individuals. It is difficult to be true to yourself and stand up where it is easy to name call and attack with a loud mouth. Take Pelosi for example (enough said)

3 points

While I do believe religion has a set of problems associated with its fundamentals. I do not think the world would be better off without religion. Extremist and radical religious interpretation are another matter all together. Additionally, religion does bring many positive aspects and these seem to get lost with the very small percent of negative

2 points

I am not a Clinton fan but I must say that if she is the best candidate that can help the administration and the country than she should be the Sec of St. If this is not true than stop the politics and go back to the Senate.

1 point

This presentation needs no response. It needs to be watched, thought-on, reflected upon, and watched again. I do not think it should scare us but should be a motivator to get on the band wagon and enjoy and embrace the future. It's gonna be good no matter who is elected in 2008...

2 points

I find it very difficult to think intelligent American citizens would entertain thoughts of relevance blubbered forth from any actor, musician, news commentators, or political commentators. Please seek out and develop your own thoughts based on research from alternative sources.

-3 points
-4 points
1 point

not at all it was only a movie

1 point

rowing, enough said

3 points

Ethics is right, morals feel right

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Winning Position: The press is inflamatory
Winning Position: White woman/mid-aged black man
Winning Position: Sad-pathetic-power drunk-political hack
Winning Position: Don't need it, trash it

About Me

Biographical Information
Name: Lou Mintzer
Gender: Male
Age: 46
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Postal Code: 18901

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