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RSS SeanFeeley

Reward Points:4
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2 years ago

2 years ago
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2 points

Its international pancake if your going to IHOP

2 years ago
2 points

Survival of the fittest is a huge factor of evolution, without it, the human race would be able to live as good as we have, in fact, in natural environments, these animals wouldnt be able to fend for themselves because of the amount of enemies they have that would eat them and tear them apart.

2 years ago
3 points

Your taking wild animals, who would probably be killed quicker and more viciously in the environments they were born in, and using them to help millions of people, whether they were in the factory or not they are going to be killed, its called survival of the fittest, would you rather die in pain or helping people?

2 years ago
1 point

If i was sacrificing myself for millions of people to survive with food, i would feel proud Craig

2 years ago
3 points

Although this is true, cooping chickens up in mass amounts add to more reproduction and adds to feeding the less fortunate in the world. Even though some of the chickens die, the rate of chickens living to dieing is more, so the people living in poverty can also eat chicken.

2 years ago
2 points

Factory Farming has been around since 1947 and first started out in Britain, where it was started for the wealthiest people. It is the act of raising numerous amounts of livestock in order to turn a farm into a factory and create mass amounts of product to sell for a gross rate. There are many advantages that make this a key factor to economical outbursts. The first thing that is good about this is the fact that it’s cheap to use, with all the advances in technologies now a days, it’s easy and efficient, but also the cheapest way to farm because of how quickly in can produce food and save money. With the rate of making food, they are able to feed the larger cities and are able to cover more cities than ever before. Another thing to think about is the amount of employment that this has created, because of today’s economy, the factories that open up generate thousands of jobs for unfortunate unemployed people, for most ages older than 18, it’s easy and good paying. The last thing that is helpful and makes this industry key is the fact that factories invest in the cities or towns that they are located in. Anywhere where there is a factory farm located, that town gets a net amount of pay from the profit that the company makes, it comes in small amounts, but as the years go on this profit can really add up and make a difference in the communities. This is why I think that Factory Farming is very important and a strong factor in the Industry

Supporting Evidence: Farming Factory Advantages (
2 years ago
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