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RSS SeverusSnape

Reward Points:127
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10 most recent arguments.
SeverusSnape(127) Clarified
1 point

Just let me know what group you belong to and I'll move it up on the list ;)

I belong to the group that is smart enough to know you are a lighthearted troll and that nothing you say is truly offensive because it is a joke.

SeverusSnape(127) Clarified
1 point

Bullshit. All leftist do is act like professional victims.

You certainly have a nuanced and original perspective there. Where did you learn that one, Steven Crowder? A lot smarter people than him would disagree with him on a great many things. You should hear them out before you start basing your ideology on right wing talk shows.

Your problem is that, because you believe something, you automatically assume it to be objectively true. Which, basically, is the same problem everybody who isn't a twit has.

So now FM "isn't a twit" after you just spent the last two days calling him an idiot? I appreciate your assertion, but I actually do my best not to believe in anything. This is key to being as objective as humanly possible. You don't understand at all how I think, I literally don't believe in anything at the end of the day. It is extremely stressful to think like I do and it makes me both insane and more sane than the average human. It is difficult to explain, I am on the thin line between genius and schizophrenia. You have no idea how wrong your statement is because the root of it all is how I constantly question and second guess everything.

Science uses various qualitative and quantitative methodologies because it is an ideology

I understand that there is an underlying philosophy behind science. You don't have to believe in that philosophy to use scientific methodology. Like you said before science is not the pinnacle of evolution and I see it as something to be used and recognized for the validity it has rather than something to blindly adhere to. It is unscientific to "believe" in things both philosophically and in practice and it is stupid to think science alone can unveil all the answers. Science itself encourages you not to believe in it whereas religion demands blind adherence.

You are running around in circles because you're a petulant child who has been having temper tantrums ever since I beat you at chess.

You are truly living inside your own head when you say such bullshit. Ever since you falsely accused me of cheating you have led our relationship into a downward spiral by your very own wild faith based irrational assumptions of unscientific stupidity.

So is Christianity, moron.

Christianity is not a methodology for figuring things out, it is a series of faith based conclusions about reality. Science requires no faith because it isn't a belief, it is a process of trying to explain things and testing those explanations.

They are not mutually exclusive, moron. They are the exact same thing.

No, religion and methodology are not the same thing. A belief in a conclusion and a process which seeks to reach a conclusion are not the same thing. You're a pseudo-intellectual dick faced cunt.

Science is a form of ideology.

Science is a tool for figuring things out, not a belief system. You in no way need to adhere to any values or beliefs about nature to use scientific methodology.

It is as if you think science represents the absolute pinnacle of human evolution

Nothing I said suggests that.

You sound like you're 12 years old.

Fuck you. You said something bizarrely stupid out of the blue then started calling me an idiot when I challenged it. You cannot handle having your religious beliefs challenged it would seem.

Science: the religion that must not be questioned

That article supports my position more than yours. It is essentially about the dangers of mixing belief with science, not about how science requires belief. Religion typically has no real basis, an ideology may or may not have one, but science is all about the basis. If you think a system of seeking evidence is the same as a mindless faith based belief system you are once again retarded. Not all ideology is religious and science does not require belief, either accept this or prove me wrong.

All you want to do is argue and insult, even when you are wrong.

Address my arguments or shut up cunt. You are avoiding the fucking debate I'm trying to have with you because you are full of shit. You said that ideology is the same as religion and you said that science is an ideology. You are refusing to defend your position that science is a religion because you know it's fucking stupid and not at all true. Literally everything you just said is bullshit and you are the one running away from my extensive ass rape rather than meticulously engaging in the fucking debate like a man.

SeverusSnape(127) Clarified
1 point

You must be a leftist

The left is superior because the further left you are the more you want to see all of humanity in it's best form rather than a wealthy elite running things according to what is best for themselves.

Yep. Still doesn't answer why you think science is a religion though you nutcase.

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