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RSS SexyJesus

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1 point

Theresa May certainly doesn't. Neither do most of the rest of them, as things stand now.

1 point

Yes. Along with the kids that aren't smoking. In no particular order. Tell you what, lock all the kids inside, hand out crystal meth and melee weapons, and let the problem sort itself out.

1 point

Honestly thought, from the title, you meant military drones. And yeah, being drunk on duty should be illegal. But civilian drones? Leave it to NJ to come up with some stupid shit like that.

1 point

Yo mama's so ugly I could stick my dick down her throat & be getting oral and anal at the same time.

1 point

Evolution has no basis in religion and its teachings remain indifferent to and separate from that subject. It is based on fact. The facts are that all of the evidence gathered by geneticists, paleontologists, geologists, biologists, etc, etc, etc, point toward the same theory- evolution (at this point, I invite you to look up the meaning of the word 'theory' in the scientific community- it's very different than the definition you're used to). It is one of the most important scientific discoveries of the millennium, and should be required curriculum in all schools.

1 point

I fucking love it when politicians invoke imaginary friends in order to claim some sort of moral high ground, as if adding an invisible man in the sky into the mix makes it some kind of argument of completely unquestionable logic. It's such a glaring indication of how our leaders are either insane, or stupid, or both- or that they've figured out that the rest of us are insane, stupid, or both, and are shamelessly trying to use it to their advantage.

Fuck the Democrats. Fuck the Republicans. None of them deserve your vote.

1 point

Have fun. Don't blame you. It's a shit show here. Best wishes.

1 point

That's why referees exist, to stop the fight if it looks like one of them isn't going to be able to walk away. And there are work related injuries and deaths every day throughout all industries, those in the ring step in there knowing and accepting the risks involved.

Peace is all well and good, but we're naturally violent creatures. Trying to force that out of our DNA through legislation can't end well, but one way we can control our violence is to embrace it and use it positively (for sport, for self defense, military service, etc.)

Go read Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk. That'll give you a better perspective than I can. Then go find someone who can take some punches and is willing to beat the ever loving shit out of you if you don't do the same to them first. I don't mean that insultingly, sarcastically, or metaphorically, I'm telling you that for your own benefit- it is a life changing event.

1 point

And you're absolutely right. These fuckers need to be held accountable.

I work on jet tires. There is a screw that goes in the main landing gear wheel of an F18 Super Hornet that holds the brake key to the rim. Without that screw the brakes don't work on landing and people die. That screw is less than half an inch long and is absolutely nothing special. You can get fifty of the fucking things for five bucks at home depot. But it costs Uncle Sam about ten grand. Per. Shitty. Screw.

Do you think I am unaware of our overspending?

I'm well aware that we need to cut spending. But there are billionaires who were born into money and understand a hard day's work as a downturn in the stock market who pay less of a percentage of taxes than you do. They're able to do that because they're able to pay off the same politicians who bitch and complain about people riding the system, and trade campaign donations for tax writeoff after bailout after kickback. Does that sound like a meritocracy to you? We have a system that is too easy to exploit for personal gain, on both the left and the right, as long as you have the investment capital to get started. That screw? Shit, that's just one fucking item that the military overspends on. You have any idea what kind of supplies are necessary to put a bomb on someone's forehead? You have any idea how much money we could be saving if we could actually negotiate prices for those supplies? Because as soon as the "PROPERTY OF US GOVERNMENT" stamp goes on, the price goes up tenfold at least.

Don't think for a second that I'm not furious at Washington. If I were as bad at my job as these politicians I would be in jail for the rest of my life. But this is not my kid's allowance, this is the National Debt. If we go bust, we are FUCKED. Not just the government, all of us. So, we need to do three things: stop wasting money on frivolous shit, from military logistics to sports arenas and useless wars and bailouts (while keeping the programs that will actually create good paying jobs, like rebuilding our infrastructure and advancing science and technology). Start making the money to pay the debt down, starting with the people in this country who actually have most of the money. And finally hold these corrupt fucks accountable to their voters and to the constitution however the hell we can.

We're not on complete opposite sides of this. But we need to face reality: when the country goes to war, we all have to pay for it somehow or another. We used credit- which was a fucking stupid decision-and that's going to cost us more the longer we put it off. Put it off long enough and the government goes bankrupt and turns America into a third- world fucking country.

1 point

Good. We need higher taxes. Especially corporate tax. We ran two pointless wars off of a credit card and are doing the same with countless other conflicts across the globe with nary an increase in the tax burden so the average citizen doesn't have to feel inconvenienced, which may have been the only reason Bush wasn't dragged out of the white house by the people. One way or another this deficit is going to bite us in the ass down the road, and putting off paying it down is just going to make it hurt worse.

There are two things that the citizen hates: taxes, and going without what those taxes pay for. Do we waste a lot of it on frivolous shit? Sure, and I wish we'd do something about that too. But taxes are a necessary evil, and if it keeps the bridges up and the cops and firemen employed and the military at full readiness and everything else required to make this system function, I'll take a tax increase all goddamn day long- as long as the upper 1% are paying their share too.

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