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RSS SincereVenom

Reward Points:31
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10 most recent arguments.

German chocolate cake though. Cheese cake is also good. Depedning on who makes it

Im so confused as to what's going on... Why ask a question if you aren't serious

I agree but once it's labeled as illegal were more likely to come together and go against what it is to protect whatever it is that the crime affects. I don't really agree with all laws though due to the fact that most or all of them are biased and adjusted for certain situations.

Absolutely, otherwise you should just resort to perfect conformity and become exactly what everyone else wants you to be.

Life is fair. Everything happens for a reason. Doing things without reason usually cause people to believe it isnt. This time wasted complaining about is time that could be used to better yourself or change those things you find so unfair. You say something is bad or unfair but what have you done for the world or even better, yourself to change them.

Good. Some people could be the better parent for those who deserve it even if they already have children.

Its a waste of time and potentially holds someone from who they could actually have a future with. Not wrong but very unnecessary

Nobody makes me angry. And nobody should make anybody else so angry that they would make a debate about this. I get on this site to hear the minds of intelligent people. Who sjhould be in control of thins such as emotion. Intelligent people should be more open minded than getting upset when someone doesnt agree with them. Theres always room for improvement

I see what you mean but i dont necessarily agree, but not everyone has the same view on "attractive" because think about a straight person they would probably do the same because of arrogance or even as you said narcissism. I like that lol. But whatever it all depends on the person.

Can i get another option to choose from because neither of those options are even close to being accurate. just saying

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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