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RSS Slavedevice

Reward Points:837
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10 most recent arguments.

I used to laugh when Trump talked about Fake News. But this is exactly what this is. ITS FAKE News!!! All the executive branch is doing is enforcing a law that has been ignored- prison for multiple offenses. This happens to Americans all the time. If you are a felon - you can’t take your kid to prison!!!

And the wetbacks intentionally BRING KIDS as a decoy.

It’s not our fault they are stupid Catholic and breed like rabbits.

Fucking idiots

You are one reason I feel like forgetting this site altogether. You are more obcessed with antisemetism than a NeoNazi. Even Hitler stated that Jew Hatred had less to do with Genetics than organized parasitism (new word from parasite). The whole system of a small population living off the physical work of Goyim is really all Hitler had as a beef .

It’s really not Racism it’s idealogyism.

I’m a Pagan. It’s better to be atheist than to follow the Abrahamic book. Abrahamic/Semitic religions have no plan for earth.

The Semitic faith is an ENEMY of EARTH

2 points

Just look at how fast Europe developed compared to Sub-Sahara Africa. Duh.

>>>but on that note: that’s not to say that one individual Negro can’t be very smart!!

>>>and that’s not to say they should be enslaved!

>> But, I personally think we should not interbreed....

There’s many blacks that don’t believe in interbreeding

0 points

Without a book, I think most people (and probably even animals) would have the for thought to think - “hey, if I do X to him, he may return the same behavior back. And besides- plenty of Judeao/Christians have still done some very offensive crimes.! So, humans and animals lived with each other for millions of year before the Bible was written . We r here - they didn’t murder everyone??!! Huh?

He is good on everything EXCEPT climate change (unfortunately). I’m a nationalist as he is. But I am worried about climate change.

>>>but hey - the only practical solution to Environmental issues is WAR, DiSEASE or any way to substantially reduce the global population.... everyone is NOT gonna live in a TINY HOUSE

Very good point. My opinion is kids need new purpose, new cause

0 points

Ok now with your loss of God in society - then how do you explain the fact that suicide is not up in Hindu and Buddhists countries?? How does that logically support the he God argument??

>>>>>>>>IT DONT>>>

Retarded holy roller

2 points

Nothing is free. But this is one very important thing we should collectively contribute to. U may never collect a SS check if u die early. But u r 100% guaranteed to collect back on a healthcare fund. I have paid taxes all my life for kids to go to school and I HAVE O KIDS!!?? How is that not socialism!!?? All those fucking Catholic s popping out kids - I pay for their school.

-2 points
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About Me

"I nurtured my finest crop You checked not on disease I survived the blight I’m the strongest weed"

Biographical Information
Name: Beyond Neitzche
Gender: Male
Age: 51
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Religion: Other
Education: College Grad

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