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RSS Slavedevice

Reward Points:990
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Slavedevice(990) Clarified
0 points

PS - I’m totally cool with a “NEGRO-STATE as well. Fair is fair

0 points

I’m ok with the Jews having a state IFand only IF the whites get an ethno State!!!

It’s the same concept - proves the hypocrisy of Zionism

0 points

Why isn’t Hitler up there?! He invented The PERFECT SYSTEM called “National Socialism. It is ingenious! Capitalism and Communism both take advantage of the working class(the majority). NS filled in the short comings of both - a brilliant HYBRID of total capitalism and communism. Still private ownership- but the big things like medical is covered in a group/Socialist manor.

The one true religion is the religion that is the OLDEST!!

>> and..... which religion is the OLDEST??? PAGANISM *

Plain and simple.

Yes the Semitic DESERT god has a hold now. It’s because the semite was CLEVER- they have a written text which paganism lacks. But just because something is written doesn’t necessarily mean it’s TRUE! Very convincing- but don’t mean it’s True..

Why did the SEMITE make a written law???

>>> to make SLAVES of the illiterate and CONTROL the sheep..

National socialism was “Marxism for The Qualified “. Hitler realize that communism and big corporations both culminated in a small % living extravagant off the toil of the majority. NS was brilliant. Too bad he fucked it up with RAcism


Slavedevice(990) Clarified
1 point

Oh yea one more thing - Trump would have to lose the Jew daughter! Haha

Slavedevice(990) Clarified
1 point

PS: If Trump supported National Health Care (for working people) then he would be 100% complete! He would be a true Nazi


I don’t understand where you get support of Hitler from right or left - both are afraid to taint themselves with it. But to clear it up, Hitler was a square peg in a round hole . Hitler was extreme Nationalist (like Trump), but he also believed in Socialist ideas (but dedicated members of the “tribe” where the beneficiaries). Basically he was “Marxist for the qualified”!

>>> unlike the Communists- he still supported private enterprise and individual ownership.

>>>. I believe NS (Tribal Socialism) was genius! But hey, even geniuses make mistakes.

People don’t have a sense of PURPOSE. Humans are tribal by nature. The church is dying (it’s actually killing itself). We need a United sense of one tribe. We need a POST HUMAN agenda and an updated religion without all the silly dogma. People need physical contact

Native Americans were not accustomed to slavery. Actually, about 30% of the slave workforce was Native but they fought back and were not as obedient being a proud people who hated the white American population because of the genocide of their people that was over a third larger than Hitler's genocide.

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About Me

"I nurtured my finest crop You checked not on disease I survived the blight I’m the strongest weed"

Biographical Information
Name: Social Darwin
Gender: Male
Age: 52
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Religion: Other
Education: College Grad

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