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RSS Slavedevice

Reward Points:1207
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10 most recent arguments.

It would make life on earth much better if we would give everyone a test and SHOOT the lowest scoring 1/3. The Georgia Stones say like 90% reduction. So I am a humanitarian with only 1/3 gone!?

>>>ps, I’m ok with lethal injection- we don’t have to shoot em😉

I feel VERY STRONGLY that TERMINAL patients should have access to a peaceful death!!!!!!!!!

To me, anyone who is against it is SADISTIC!!!

It’s one of the Jew Book/Biblical things that infuriates me the most!!! More infuriating than the abortion thing.. Mind your own business you ingrate fucking Bible Thumpers!

And Bible Thumpers don’t think their dogma is fascist?!

This site is kinda waste of time. Same trolls calling names. Very juvenile. I’m on a lot now

Pastors have admitted to me when I press them hard - Jesus was more socialist than capitalist. Never had one shut me down on that when they go research it hard. I’m Pagan, and I think free market for some things is good. I wish everyone had at least catastrophic hospitalization. Shit, we waste so much of our tax on loser. Would feel better about hospitalization than wetbacks to have free shelter- they didn’t even contribute to our country yet!

I’m Pagan BUT- if I had to choose between the two, Christianity hands down! What I’m afraid of is that Christianity is too soft and flabby to beat out a tight rule theocracy. Hitler wanted to convert Germans back to pagan roots bc he called Christianity “flabby”

-1 points

Everyone talks about Fascism - define exactly what Fascism is.. does being a Pagan and having my tax money used to support the illegal state of Israel - does that define fascism? Does being childless and being forced to pay for schools and other people’s brats - is that Fascism? Is it Fascism that I have to take my time off from work in celebration of the Bible holidays? Is it Fascism that most all our laws correspond with Biblical laws - is that fascist?!

Is the fact that I cannot walk down the street naked - is that fascist?!

Get a grip - we are not really totally free!

I support NATIONALISM. I don’t really want it tied to the cross

But I don’t want even MORE extreme religions moving in - after all, Protestant Xtians can relate to secularism unlike more extreme theocratic people of the world

Towel heads should be shot like a vermin. They are the one thing worse and more sneaky than a usurious Jew

Just look at it on a simple example: if you keep using the same antibiotic on the same bacteria- that bacteria will become resistant. I’m an exterminator- we have to switch pesticide types about every year because roaches become resistant very fast.

I don’t see how a logical person could name not see this is real. What, does God change these organisms around just to play games?

Delusional- lead astray by the Abrahamic Desert God! Actually, All races except the Desert People need to ban together to defeat this fascist desert god

Give me a break! I’m 53, heard dat same ol Hill billy shit my whole life!! Bring it on - I’m waiting!! Let the shit hit the fan!

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About Me

"Semita Futura “If God let everyone into Heaven, then it would not be Heaven would it”?"

Biographical Information
Name: Social Darwin
Gender: Male
Age: 52
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Religion: Other
Education: College Grad

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