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RSS Slavedevice

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10 most recent arguments.

The sweet spot is a combination 😉

Medical and Education and maybe retirement should be a social system- these are things everyone has a equal right to.

Everything else should be Free Market with competition and laws against monopolies.

National socialism had it nailed down pretty well!

Ok, the majority of population are ignorant. And that means our laws and elected officials will be decided on by IGNORANT and UNEDUCATED people . NOT GOOD!!!

The smartest 1% should be our leaders

2 points

It requires constant consumption of resources and it is not sustainable forever. Even if you like capitalism, you are insane if you think it’s forever!

I assure you my avatar has no ties to Nazism- go research it. It is an Anti-Abrahamic symbol but nothing to do with the Nazis.

And yes my views are Darwinistic- but I support weeding totally on idealism and intelligence and nothing based on genetics.

There’s no debating that we need a purge of some sort.

Very good post!

Damn Hitler was DEEP wasn’t he. Now let’s completely sidestep the whole killing the Jew thing, ok? I know it’s hard to block it when talking about Hitler - but please try for a minute.

>>Hitler had the political/economic thing nailed down to a tee. He culled the worst of both sides and used the best parts of BOTH sides. Communism completely removes private ownership (redistribution on steroids). Capitalism allows profits to be concentrated in a small group more and more, until the Corporations just get gigantic (which starts to be a “government “ in itself.

NS is a great way of keeping some free market, but taking care of your citizens health, retirement, etc in a group manner. Some of what America has, but with a leash on it

Great system

Too bad the Jew thing scarred it so bad

I vote for Clapton on style and Satriani on skill. Hendrix for innovation and Eddie VH or just making it fun!

0 points

I don’t believe totally in democracy because the majority are ignorant and will vote ignorantantly. I believe whole heartedly in GENIUS-acracy!! The top 5% of population should rule.

2 points

This is The New Fascist and my theme song is Sympathy For The Devil or The beautiful people

Ok I can’t spell.

But can anyone help me understand what this Outlaw guy is trying to get across. I mean he quotes stats about gas and cars, but what does that have to do with young minds??!

I think you need to research the numbers on millenials dog

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About Me

"I nurtured my finest crop You checked not on disease I survived the blight I’m the strongest weed"

Biographical Information
Name: Beyond Neitzche
Gender: Male
Age: 52
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Religion: Other
Education: College Grad

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