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RSS Stravick

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Stravick(32) Clarified
1 point

The point of morality what makes you feel good, mostly based on empathy for other people's feelings.

And the answer to the second question is subjective. You might think another person beliefs are just a justified while someone else might be repulsed those ideas. A society typically makes the final design.

1 point

I specifically just said it is whatever you want it to be. As atheist, they can make whatever they want to be.

1 point

So you worship Jesus over God? Because it was fairly clear who I was talking about.

1 point

First and foremost, E=MC^2 states a relationship between matter and energy and does not state in any way that matter can neither be created nor destroy. Secondly, it is the first law of Thermodynamics that makes it all possible. Energy can not be created, by anyone or anything including God. Which simply means everything has always existed, there was no beginning. Things simply were.

Lastly, there is very clear evidence for abiogenesis. Tests done show that in a climate of prelife earth all it would take is a proper electrical discharge (lightning or thunder) to cause simple amino acids necessary for the most basic of life to occur. From there the incredibly simple life forms would grown and evolve.

2 points

Blind faith is belief without evidence. Faith is belief with little evidence. Accepting the Big Bang theory is coming to the logical conclusion of the most likely way the universe began based on all the evidence.

2 points

Actually, you do need science to prove Jesus was correct. That is how logic and reason tends to work. For one, we know Jesus wouldn't look like his common depiction in the church, and two we don't even know if he was a real person. The only, and I repeat, the only documentation for Jesus is the Bible itself, and the books on Jesus were written by a man who had never even met him.

And if you want to know why James Gates finds a 'code' in nature, it's called Natural Selection. Animals with better traits tend to survive more than those with lesser traits. Thus creating a trend of common traits among all living things based on what helps them survive.

1 point

But you wouldn't know about those things were it not for science discovering them and in some cases just thinking the concept into existence.

2 points

Women's rights have already been given. Woman have all rights men have and in some cases more. Because of this feminism is no longer needed in this society, yet the group continues to be an issue. And the longer feminism continues to fight for rights women already have they are only going to get more and more frustrated when they can receive more than they already have. That in turn is going to make the group increasingly violent, something we have already seen the beginning of.

1 point

I mean woman already have equal rights in first world countries and therefore feminism shouldn't exist in one.

3 points

Certainly, science can explain almost everything in our world and even make logical educated guesses on the things it can't. There are detailed scientific reports that explain everything from the Big Bang to how evolution created us.

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