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RSS Superpnut

Reward Points:22
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4 points

For all of you people that don,t know. The Swine flu is just like every other flu. All of the people it has killed were all infants and the elderly. And the only reason that they died is their bodys aren't capalbe of handling it. anyone between 5 and around 65 can easliy defend against it. So don't worry. And just so you know all of the people it has killed so far, the common cold kills more then that in a week.

0 points

Alice Cooper. Bon Jovi has about three okay songs, but Alice has tons. Bon jovi dosen,t got nothing on Alice

1 point

i dont use them because i think thet are to boring but i understand if you do use them

1 point

i think everyone deserves a bonus. would you like yours to be taken away?

2 points

it would be awesome to watch ww3 man. just watching nukes take everything out.

2 points

we should try and make as many new sources of energy as we can to keep the world going. the ones that we are using now wont last forever you know. we need to invest in wind energy, water energy and heat from inside Earth to stay alive.

1 point

yes it is totally worth it

2 points

we should not or at least not out at the rate we doing it because then legal ones get kicked out to like my dad.

1 point

yeah we need him to shoot at and yell at and to scare other countries!! dont kick him out kill him and post it on the internet

2 points

pancakes are defenitally better than waffles. waffles are to hard and the scratch you throat pancakes are fluffy clouds of goodness. pancakes are for patsys and unamerican nazi bastards!!!

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