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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Hey paedo, he copied that from my grandfather's original speech in 1930 at Ballycastle.

That speech is original Antrim text.

You've literally just admitted that you plagiarised it from your grandfather you pointless retard.

Here's a useful tip. When you tell a lie, don't use the preceding sentence to debunk it.

1 point

Now now now, tut tut tut and double tut, my little unoriginal BONGO, your have the audacity to try use my original text in your tirade against me.

You are sorely mistaken that your text is original. Please see:-

Hitler Speech (Accurate English Subtitles)
1 point

Wait and see, but keep looking out your window.

Your lunatic threats only amuse me.

1 point

you NIGGER boys

You are the NIGGER FILTH

It really is testament to the power of human psychosis that you can write stuff like this and then expect anybody to take your opinion seriously who has not time travelled here from the 17th century.

1 point

@Antrim - You really are a particularly low form of life. Throwing around accusations of pedophilia, pretending to be a hacker.


These lowlife scumbags make me laugh. Just go and have a read through their long parade attack against Quantumhead this afternoon. Pathetic example of what failure can do to the mind of a troll.

I think the Antrim, Dermot and MathFan accounts all belong to the same dipshit. The nauseating arrogance is difficult to miss.

-2 points
1 point

Ah, the site's registered paedophile

Ah, but since you would have no way of knowing even if I were a registered paedophile, we can safely assume your lies to be further evidence that you are a stupid lying Nazi.

You make this too easy. I encourage you to continue so that the youth can see the tenets of your ideology in all their glory: lies, deceit and aggression.

1 point

@ Antrim - I'm ready when you are big talker. Mr big brave web site bragger.

God, he's just pathetic isn't he? An example of what small children turn into if you don't raise them properly.

1 point

The statement you've just made is not supported by evidence only pure opinion. Only because atheists do not share the same way of thinking as you and the same knowledge does not mean that you have the right to claim that they should be locked up.

In case you genuinely are new, the creator of the debate has absolutely no interest in evidence and is very likely a paid internet shill . The main account it uses is "brontoraptor", but it has hundreds. In fact, someone last week was kind enough to list them all.

1 point

Shut up Antrim. You're a Nazi and nobody likes Nazis. Even the Nazis didn't like the Nazis, as proven by The Night of the Long Knives.

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