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-1 points

Haha facts don’t stop the left from shouting dad waycist!!

-1 points

What’s the point of this debate? I don’t get it. Is there even a debate? No questions asked.

I know you socialists fail at even the most basic economics, but you’re failing setting up a debate too.

Talkative(51) Clarified
-1 points

Except I’m not American lol.

Well you can measure it simply because from nothing America became the greatest nation ever. Largest economy, highest living standards, huge cultural influence, massive military force (arguably good or bad what they did with that) etc.

The only thing holding America back is the left. From slavery, fascism, socialism to cultural Marxism, post modernism etc the left has only made things worse.

Yes Magna Carta was great, revolutionary (the 1225 version) and the pinnacle of Magna Carta and the ideas behind it and how the English Parliament made it almost redundant practically not historically led to the US constitutional

1 point

Lol yeah it would be a great moment of troll. However it would mean stooping to the standards of the left and being as dishonest and malicious as them and I just can’t do that

1 point

So that makes it excusable? What is the average age of you socialists? 15? You can’t be this immature at an older age.

Talkative(51) Clarified
1 point

I’m guessing you’re American. Have you no idea what the US Constitution is? It’s the greatest political document created in the history of mankind. That’s a great system to follow.

If you don’t know or understand it I have no problem getting into it

-1 points

I can't argue that crony capitalism doesn't work because countries who practice it have increasing living standards, wages, growing economies etc etc.

Clearly it's unfair and it would be best to get the government out of the way, however it is by far a better option than socialism. Pretty much every option out there is better than socialism. Possibly even fascism is better than socialism, but maybe not for me as I'm an ethnic.

1 point

It's just killing in general. There hasn't been one single communist utopia where millions haven't died.

3 points

America is one of the greatest nations to have ever existed. BY FAR. Only Britain is up there with it.

The reason the right claims is is because we compare US + UK with the rest of the world and clearly these 2 countries stood above all others in many ways.

However the left compares them with a mythical non existent utopia to which no nation could compare to and use that as it's basis for saying its not great.

Silly really.

1 point

Typical lefty argument. That wasn't REAL socialism.

What's funny is that the right hardly ever does this. I don't think I've ever heard anybody on the right state completely that that's not REAL capitalism. Haha

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