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RSS Talkative

Reward Points:42
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

So Karl Marx was also great. At spouting nonsense.

He isn't great at economics you daft twit.

But you just said Marx is great at economics. Can you make your mind up

-2 points
-1 points

Being influential is quite obviously part of being great, dummy.

So Donald Trump is great according to you

He never studied economics. He’s never cited in economic journals or textbooks. Only in social sciences lol

1 point

Having an opinion opposing yours is rude?

Calm down Hitler please don’t send me to the gulag

1 point

Influential doesn’t mean great.

He’s not even an economist. Lol

You’d know that if you were even half as intelligent as you claim to be

1 point

I wouldn’t ban a single person if they weren’t rude. It’s true what they say about how only young people are socialists, but become conservatives once they grow up.

0 points

Hehe you’re silly. If you were so intelligent you’d be able to argue without being rude

-1 points

Which experts consider him great lol? I thought everyone but millennial high on meth knew he was just plain stupid.

Oh wait you can’t answer cause you’ve been banned for being rude. A shame.

Talkative(42) Clarified
1 point

Warning, ban coming soon if you continue being insulting. In case you didn’t read...

1 point

They love to control. That’s the end game, absolute control, which is why they gravitate towards systems where they can control. Education, media, government, bureaucracy, Hollywood, etc

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