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RSS TheGhost

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1 point

If the left had beaten Trump, we would already be in a war with Iran.

LOL. Sure buddy. The very side which made the deal with Iran in order to avoid going to war with them, would have gone to war with Iran quicker than the side which is a puppet of Israel and always wanted a war with Iran?

Bwhahahaha. You are such a lying scumbag Bronto. Everything you have ever said on this forum has been false. You make me literally sick to my stomach you subhuman cockroach.

3 points

No attempt at defense or presenting data.

No attempt to support your laughably stupid claim that the UN is anti-Semitic. Just a quick swap of accounts and then you are right back in here writing retarded neo-fascist bullshit like the idiotic fucking cretin you are.

2 points

It's the left's way of being able to toss a racial slur at someone without feeling the guilt of using racial slurs. At least that's how they convince themselves.

I feel no guilt about labelling you an Uncle Fester.

2 points

You absolute mindless lying Fool!

So you agree that gay people should definitely have sex with each other? That's great. So now can you please shut your mouth?

1 point

He'll remove Iran from the Earth, take over their oil, turn the Muslims into Christians and have it all over by the 4th of July! WITH NO CASUALTIES!

Lol. Reminds me of that glorious piece of public relations, Operation "Iraqi Freedom".

Operation "I Make The Best Steaks In The World And Never Tolerate Casualties."

1 point

Hello hater and science denier

Hello moron and self-confessed molester of animals.

Dude! You're losing your touch.

Dude. Nah. As long as you keep replying, I keep winning.

2 points

It's a phenomena I affectionately dub "American delusionalism".

The American right has somehow convinced themselves that America is an unbeatable military power and have held onto that belief even as America has lost guerrilla war after guerrilla war after guerrilla war. The blueprint for beating America was laid down by Ho Chi Minh decades ago and has been used by countless insurgencies since. You simply let them take over the country and then chip away at their occupying forces until American media starts printing the death toll on the front pages of its newspapers. Easy as pie.

1 point

You don't LIKE that the orange fucker you LOVE is a cunning and vengeful human being.. Who the fuck would? So you say, LOOK at this shiny thing over here..

But, I ain't looking.

Bullshit. Neyanyahu is waving your ancestry test at you and grinning from ear to ear while he welcomes you into the Zionist cradle. And you're blushing like a four year old who just got his first erection.

0 points

Fuck off Bronto you deranged Nazi bigot. Nobody is interested in your 4chan links you paedophile.

1 point

Having sex with ANYONE is and always will be a CHOICE!

But you are arguing the complete OPPOSITE of that. You are arguing gay people should not have sex with each other and hence you are trying to take their choice away from them. You have absolutely no right to force your bizarre, unhinged religious views upon the general community. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT, BIGOT?

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